This week I discussed Chris Cornell’s amazing first solo album Euphoria Morning on my weekly post Stand Out Albums.   Little did I know this post would coincide with the release of the first single off of a new album of unreleased material from the man himself.  It would appear (to no surprise really) that Chris had some tracks that had been recorded but never released and those tracks will now be made available to the world.

The first single is When Bad Does Good and it is haunting in it’s honesty.  Immediately his words evoke an eerie foreshadowing of his own suicide.

‘Standing beside

an open grave

your fate decided

your life erased

your final hour

is come today

lit by the fire

of your temples burning.’

It goes on from this deeply depressing opening and soon becomes a song of hope telling the listener that, as the title implies, Sometimes Bad can do some Good.  It is a song of hope, a song of redemption and a fitting single to celebrate the life that was Chris Cornell.   I won’t lie, I teared up listening to this song, it reminded me of the day we lost Chris but also the fact that we lost one of my generations greatest performers.  That being said, his legacy lives on in the music he has left behind.  By releasing these tracks in a career retrospective, more people can be exposed to this incredible singer allowing him to live forever in a way.

I will miss Chris Cornell and his amazing voice, but I know I can always go back and spend some time with him through his songs whenever I wish.

Late To The Game 9/22/18

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