You connect with some albums just by listening to the music and appreciating the talent behind the tunes.  Sometimes an album will remind you of an event or something special in your life.  Today’s Stand Out Album is a little bit of both for me.  This is Black Sabbath.

Why This Album?

Black Sabbath 1

My father was a product of the 60’s and 70’s and this was a band that he loved.  Black Sabbath with Ozzy Osbourne in the lead was the definitive version of this band to him and, because of this, I feel the same way.

Anyhow, let’s get onto the album itself. Considered to be one of the first Heavy Metal albums ever, the album Black Sabbath was like no one had ever heard prior to it’s release in 1970.  For it’s time it would be lauded by fans and hated by parents who saw it as devil worship, but to the history of music it would go down as one of the most influential albums in the genre of it’s time.

With deep blues roots and the incredible guitar work of Tony Iommi, this album is one that is just a pleasure to listen to.   From the use of rainfall on the opening title track, Black Sabbath, it is immediately clear that this is something unique.  Diving into the mythos of Wizards, dark magic and even Satan himself, this is one of those albums that you can find so much history and lore in with each listening.  There is almost a power in this album that shows through the intense guitar riffs, the tight bass grooves and the solid steady drum beats.   To top it all off, this is Ozzy in his prime, unhindered by the years of touring, he is young and full of energy.  There is already a creepy melodic feel to his edgy voice that just works with the rest of the band.

Black Sabbath is one that was played on a regular basis when my dad worked on the porch, or what he referred to as his Workshop.  For most people a front Porch is a place you can relax and enjoy the outdoors without leaving your house.  If you had a covered porch, like ours, you could even have an occasional meal or a respite on the porch without the fear of mosquitoes or flies attacking you as you sat.  We had neither of these things because, you see, we couldn’t have a normal porch like everyone else.

Upon moving in, my dad realized that he didn’t have a place to work on his hobbies, which included woodworking, leather-working, making strange and off props and masks and just about anything else you could imagine. Now days he would be lauded as a cosplay costume master but  in the 80’s and 90’s he was just strange. But how does this all tie into this album? Isn’t this supposed to be about the music? Don’t worry, I’m getting there.

As my dad would work in his workshop, he would blast a variety of music depending on his mood. Many times it would be the songs of CCR, The Who and even classic Black Sabbath.  Every time I hear this album I am reminded of sweltering summers in that house with my dad working on the porch creating strange and interesting things for no one’s pleasure but his own.  In many ways, he was the Wizard that Ozzy and the band sang about on this album.


One day, as my dad played the album I heard a loud POP from the porch.  It sounded as if a gun had gone off and I immediately ran to the front thinking my dad had accidentally hurt himself with one of his many projects.  What I found, however, was something I would never forget.   I found him standing on the porch holding the remains of a sheet of tempered glass that had broken in a way I had never seen before or after.  The glass, you see had broken in tiny identical pieces covering the whole sheet.  Nothing had hit the glass, nor had he dropped it, it simply…popped.   To this day we never found out what caused this strange breakage and we attributed it to some heat change or maybe a subsonic sound neither of us had heard. What makes it even stranger is that the song Warning, from today’s album was playing at that exact moment.   Spooky huh?

tempered glass
it was similar to this but with no impact point. Photo credit


All in all, the time spent listening to this band and their early albums, made me appreciate the music of the 70’s and how amazing some of it was.  Plus it didn’t hurt that I had a creepy experience with the album either.  I’ll be honest, to this day, the track, Warning, gives me pause.

 Favorite Tracks?

Obviously the song Black Sabbath is amazing and so I include it here.  It is really incredible and is certainly one that you can add to any rock playlist.

Them the second track, The Wizard.  I love the harmonica in this one.  Such a cool use of the instrument in a metal song.

And of course, The Warning.   So good, but so creepy too.


Heck, this whole album is killer.  just go listen to it.

Ok, Where do I get it?

You can snag a copy on 180 Gram vinyl for around $25 here or just give the remastered edition a listen on Spotify.  Either way, you are in for a treat. Just be careful what you are doing when that last track plays.

Late to the Game 10/16/18

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