Remakes are not a new thing.  Ever since the dawn of film, movies and stories have been remade, retold and reinterpreted time and again. One constant, however, is that rarely does a remake improve upon or even surpass the original.  Today’s film is one that does and does so in a way that would establish itself as a classic time and again.  This is David Cronenberg’s The Fly.

Today’s Key Movie:

Jeff Goldblum stars as Seth Brundle, a scientist determined to invent and improve matter teleportation.   Demonstrating his invention to his love interest, played by Geena Davis, Brundle inadvertently has his DNA combined with that of a fly and begins to transform into a mutant hybrid that is a combination of a fly and a human.  With only a short time before being completely overrun by the insect DNA, Brundle does everything he can to fix his horrible transformation.

Why this movie?

Fly 4

I remember seeing this on VHS at a fairly young age and The first time blew me away. I had already been a fan of the original 1958 classic starring Vincent Price but this took the classic story to a whole new level.  This was one that my dad had been very excited about, as he too was a fan of the original and with the successful remake of The Thing in 1982, this was another that he was sure would be a total win.  When it hit home video release, we rented it day one and watched as Jeff Goldblum became The Fly! Boy were we in for a treat.

The thing that really makes this film interesting, besides the horror aspect, is what the main character, Brundle, is working on.   Somewhat slight spoilers here, so if you want to be surprised turn back now.

You see, Brundle is working on a matter transporter device as in just like the one from Star Trek.   It is something that could easily be thought of as the first in the long series of tests in Transporter technology.  In my head canon, this was one of the very first experiments in the tech and met with disastrous results.  Due to these experiments, safeguards were eventually put into place to prevent this very thing from happening again.

Okay, you like this film, but is it really a ‘good film’?

Fly 3

Very few movies are able to improve upon a concept and this one did it in spades. From a much more in depth story to amazing special effects, this film took the classic film and put it on it’s edge.   Jeff Goldblum and Geena Davis are simply amazing in this and honestly  deserved some kind of award for their performances.   They have a chemistry that just works and is completely believable through and through.

Fly 1

Director David Cronenberg is a master of the macabre and this is possibly his best film.  Not only are the lead actors astounding and the special effects timeless, the story itself is one that is layered and intricate.  On the surface it is a classic horror film about transformation into something else.  As you dig deeper you realize that it is also a love story that goes to the very DNA of the characters.  It deals with obsession and with true love.  It deals with devotion and the dangers of stalking.   In it there are layers that only get better with each viewing.

On the science aspect it covers the ideas of how the human element is always the missing ingredient to any good experiment.  However, there is a danger in this as humans are fallible and, if allowed to do as they please, things tend to go south very quickly.

OK, where do I get this movie?

This is one that is available pretty much anywhere films are sold.  You can grab it for around $10 here and you can also get a pretty decent copy via digital means as well.  If you like solid drama, Horror and science fiction, this is certainly one for you.  Grab it now and enjoy The Fly.

And the trailer, in case you need more convincing.

Late To The Game 12/20/2018

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