So here we are, Season Two of a series that is…quite polarizing to be sure. Personally, I found the first season to be filled with plenty of potential but lacking in a lot of other areas. However, with the final moments of season one (and the four great shorts) I was compelled to give the series another try as, let’s be honest, rough Trek is better than no Trek and I have hope that this season will correct course.

Now, unlike my retro reviews, I will keep these fairly spoiler free, so you can feel pretty safe I wont reveal any major plot points if that concerns you. Shall we go? Lets.

The Episode:

‘Brother’ finds The Discovery moments after the season finale, still face to face with the Starship Enterprise. The Enterprise appears to be in danger and, of course, The Discovery, led by Saru, is there to help. Soon, after taking command of the Discovery, Captain Pike informs the crew that they are now on a mission to hunt down 7 signals across the galaxy that may be a threat to life itself.

Is it a ‘Good’ Episode?

brother 1
Pike wasn’t the best of students.

This is exactly what I wanted from season one. Sure, the first season set things up but it felt a little disjointed and never seemed to be the cohesive season it was intended to be.

With Season Two, For the first time in Prime Universe History, we really get to know Captain Christopher Pike, the first Captain of the USS Enterprise (yeah, it wasn’t Kirk and no, Archer captained the NX-01 so he doesn’t count, although Robert April could have been…). Played by Anson Mount, April is the Captain Discovery deserves and it is such a refreshing change from Lorca’s Mirror Universe B.S. I am really looking forward to seeing his character become the Pike we met in the episode The Cage. (Then again, this could take place after that episode…)

Everyone else on the crew is back and really show that they understand their characters this time around. It is so refreshing to see a group of actors fill in their roles so well from the get go. There is a great moment where Pike asks the entire bridge crew to introduce themselves in a role call, making me feel like this was the producers way of acknowledging that these were people that we will get to know, giving them names and identities, several for the first time.

brother 4

Sonequa Martin-Greene finally steps into her role and owns it. She had some great moments in season one but, to me was never convincing. This time, yeah, I am right with her from the start. I am really looking forward to seeing where her journey goes this time and finding out what really caused her to be all but forgotten by the Spock we know and love in the future.

brother 6

Additionally, Saru (Doug Jones), Stamets (Anthony Wapp) and Tilly (Mary Wiseman) seem to be past their awkward freshman phase and have a serious grasp in who they are in the series. While Stamets became a much more well rounded character by the end of season one, Saru and Tilly never felt fully formed until now. Maybe it was the shorts for Saru and Tilly, but whatever it was, they feel like much more than just dressing for Greene’s Michael Burnham story lines.

All in all, the episode had the perfect combination of intrigue and plot with the perfect amount of action to blend it all together. If this is an indication of things to come, I am really looking forward to more. Now, if they could just do something about those Klingnots….

Gleanings, Questions and cool bits: (slight spoilers here)

brother 3

  • We actually get a decent explanation for the uniform differences between Discovery and TOS. It is just a simple change in Star Fleet uniforms, I mean, we’ve seen that plenty of times in the past series, so yeah, makes sense!
  • The opening credits are somewhat altered to fit the season. I wonder if this will be a common thing for the rest of the series.
  • Is Sarek really on the ship or is he just in Burnham’s mind still?
  • Is Stamets really going to leave? No, he was one of the best characters in season one, he better not!
  • I LOVED Jet Reno (Tig Notaro), I really hope we see more of her character.
  • Who are the Red Angels?! Organians maybe?
  • So many questions, and only a full season ahead of us!

Thanks for reading the Scifi TV Review, I look forward to discussing the rest of the series with you!

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Late To The Game 1/16/2018

brother 2
Is that a D-7 I see?
brother 5
and what was the deal with the kung fu Spock in that season teaser?

2 thoughts on “Scifi TV Review: Star Trek Discovery Season Two Episode One: ‘Brother’

    1. Vast improvement in just one episode. I really do hope they can keep this momentum. Pike is a huge standout. really makes me want a Pike era series about the Enterprise’s first five year mission.

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