We are back with the second episode and, after that weak premiere, let’s see if this series still has that magic it had in the first season.

The Episode:

This time we have two stories going on.  In one, we once again focus on Bortus who is dealing with a holo-deck equivalent of a porn addiction and in the other, the Orville crew must save a society from their own sun.  Pretty heavy stuff on both ends.  But did it work?

Is it a ‘Good’ Episode?

Primal Urges 1

You know, I had my doubts when it started with the whole Porn Addiction story line but this was about the most realistic use of a ‘holo-deck’ I have seen to date.  Let’s be serious here, if this technology was real you know for a fact that the porn industry would be one of the very first to support it.

Fun fact, you know how VHS won over Beta tapes, DVD won over minidiscs and Bluray discs won over HDDVD’s? Do you know how that happened?  The Porn Industry.  I’m not even kidding.  This industry is seriously the deciding factor as to what format our entertainment is provided on. Seriously,  check out these articles from Thrillist and TheNextweb,  I am not even kidding here, so it’s not surprising that there is an industry for holographic porn in the future.  Makes me wonder what the other hologram format was…

That being said,  this part had some solid character development for both Bortus and his partner Klyden and actually covered something that only Deep Space Nine mentioned and only when referencing Quark’s Holo-suites.

Primal Urges 2

The other part of the story dealing with a planet in danger from it’s sun was just good old fashioned SciFi goodness.   I mean, seriously,  this is one that really establishes the fact that while the series is a comedy on the surface, it is true scifi at heart.

All in all, great episode with some real modern issues addressed.  This would have made a much better season premiere than what we got but at least we know the series is not drifting too far off course, whatever that course is…

Gleanings, Questions and cool bits: (slight spoilers here)

Primal Urges 4

  • The ship getting a virus from the Porn program Bortus uploaded is classic McFarlane.  I should have seen it coming but man was it a good twist.
  • I love how Moclan’s divorce one another.  They simply kill their mate.  Even Klingon Divorce wasn’t this violent!
  • So, I wonder if we will see the Nyxian refugees again or, like the majority of the aliens from Star Trek, they will never even be mentioned again?  Only time will tell…

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Late To The Game 2/3/2019

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