Last week we spoke of a country Supergroup known as the Highwaymen.  Not long after the release of their album another group of classic rock artists formed what would be known as The Travelling Wilburys.  Comprised of some of the biggest legends of rock and roll, this album would soon become a legend of it’s own.   This is The Traveling Wilburys Vol 1.

Why This Album?

wilbury group

With a song that was intended to be a B-side to a George Harrison single, Handle With Care could be considered the song that was solely responsible for the creation of this band.   According to the official record, Warner Bros Records asked George Harrison for an unreleased single for the B-side of his This Is Love release.   Happening to be in the studio with some of his fellow musician friends, George recorded a track called ‘Handle With Care’ with Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, Jeff Lynne and Roy Orbison.  Immediately the studio recognized that this was something special and encouraged George to get the band back together for a full album.  This was certainly something that should not only be a B-side of a single. Soon today’s album was born and would become one of the greatest collaborations in rock history.

wilbury covers

I remember listening to this album with my dad, him having been a fan of every member of the band since they started, this would be akin to all of my favorite 90’s singers forming a band.  He was elated to hear that these five legends had recorded something together and when the album was released, he had the vinyl record in hand and ready to go. As soon as the needle hit the record, I understood why there was so much excitement for this album.  Not only had these five artists created an album together, but they managed to do so without upstaging one another.  Everyone had a chance to sing, to play, to write and above all, to have fun.  There isn’t a track that is dominated by any single artist and it shows that they love what they are doing.

But, what about that name? What is a Travelling Wilbury?   The truth is mired in mystery (one created by the band itself).  But it would seem that they wanted to avoid any direct connection to their famous names, relying on the music itself to be the driving force behind the album.  Led by George Harrison, the Travelling Wilburys would become a legend of their own right.

In their own words:

 Favorite Tracks

Of course, the song that started it all: Handle With Care

I love the way this next one is put together.  Such a cool track.

Rattled brings in some of the classic Orbison rock and man does it sound amazing.

Finally Tweeter and the Monkey Man.  This one is just too much fun.

Ok, Where do I get it?

For the longest time this album was out of print with copies going for ridiculous amounts.  In 2007 it was re-released along with their second album (Vol 3) which reintroduced a whole new generation to this amazing record.   You can get it here for around $15 or of course listen to it on Spotify.  No matter what, it is totally worth your time.

Late to the Game 02/12/2019

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