Change is in the air with both characters and events.  With yet another solid entry, this is The Sound of Thunder.

The Episode:

After Saru discovers that he does not have to die after going through puberty, the red angel signal suddenly appears over Kaminar, the home world of the Kelpien people.  Now Saru is forced to face his past and risk violating the prime directive in order to save his species.

Is it a ‘Good’ Episode?

sound 7

There is a song by Nine Inch Nails entitled Happiness In Slavery. In that song, Trent Reznor describes the life of someone who finds, that once you give in to life as a slave, there is a certain joy to the security provided by not being in charge of your own fate, Or, in simpler terms, Ignorance is Bliss.  This is what the Kelpians have lived with for centuries under the Ba’ul and only know that they must sacrifice themselves in order to Maintain the Great Balance. When Saru winds up revealing the true nature of life to his people, this bliss is disrupted in ways that could never have been predicted.

sound 2

This is a deeply personal episode that follows the newly ‘woke’ Saru as he finds himself with a new strength after his encounter with the giant red data node in Obol for Charon. For the first time we see Saru at his fullest potential, free of fear and determined to do what is best for his people.  Doug Jones does an incredible job in his role depicting a conflicted yet awakened man that will stop at nothing to do what is right regardless of the consequences. I love how this season has actually taken the time for us to get to know this character and how I wish we had had this much development for him in season one.

Interestingly, the title of tonight’s episode might give some foreshadowing in and of itself.  Taken from the title of a Ray Bradbury story, The Sound of Thunder, this references something more commonly known as ‘The Butterfly Effect’. In the original story a group of people travel to the past and inadvertently change the present due to stepping on a single butterfly.   Seeing that it was revealed in previous episodes that The Red Angel is emitting Tachyons, there is every chance that time travel is involved and it is not necessarily going to turn out well. Only time will tell…heh.

All in all, once again an excellent episode that not only had a terrific story but also moved the overarching plot forward. My only complaint was that the Ba’ul are hard as hell to understand without subtitles. But outside of that, More like this please!

Gleanings, Questions and cool bits: (slight spoilers here)

sound 1

  • So Culber is literally a brand new man, from the ground up but is he the same man as before?
  • It seems that the Red Angel Signal is leading Discovery to key points in the universe to ‘fix’ things. We actually see it this time and it looks like some sort of suit being worn. Someone is manipulating the past so that opens up some serious questions.  I almost wonder if this will be the premise of the Picard Series, is the Red Angel in fact Jean Luc going back in time to save the Federation from itself?  Or perhaps it is Spock doing this from the future? Or maybe it’s Sam Beckett, errr Captain Archer going leaping through time to set the wrong things right?  We already know that the signal is giving of Tachyon emissions so time travel is involved somehow. This should prove interesting.
sound 3
Could that be Tilly in that suit?
  • So, the Kelpians and the Ba’ul are now forced to coexist.  I doubt this will be the last we see of these two species. I mean, we literally never hear from this species again in future series so it is likely they will be obliterated but then again…

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Late To The Game 2/21/2019

sound 4
Could that be the Celestial Temple?
sound 5
The Spider-man/Star Trek crossover we never knew we needed.  Doc Ock reporting for duty.
sound 6
Do we FINALLY meet Spock?!  sure looks like it!

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