After the last episode, this series set a bar that would be very hard to meet, let alone surpass.  I am happy to say, that they have once again manages to meet expectations in yet another fascinating way.

The Episode:

After a Deflector update, things becomes challenging when Moclan culture conflicts with the rest of the crew.

Is it a ‘Good’ Episode?

deflectors 1

Much like Star Trek did before, this series shows once again that it is not afraid to tackle the hard subjects such as racial and sexual discrimination this time with not only a delicate situation, but also a murder.

As we know from past episodes, the Moclan society is entirely male and, any females born are altered to fit society.  This was a major subject in season one and, Deflectors revisits this in an interesting way.  It seems that there is a growing subculture on Moclus that involves Male Moclans who are attracted to females and Locar happens to be one of them. As he deflector shields on the Orville are being upgraded, the Moclan engineer Locar ( a previous boyfriend to Bortus) finds himself interested in the new Chief of Security Talla Keyali. Unfortunately, this results in the death of Locar, exposing the violent and dark traditions of the Moclan Way.

deflectors 3

New addition Jessica Szohr gets a much needed exploration of her character in this one, really establishing the differences between Keyali and former Chief of Security Alara Kitan.   While at first it seemed that Keyali’s character was a simple replacement for Kitan, this episode really establishes Keyali as a unique character of her own making me look forward to seeing more of her on the series.

Once again, this series proves that it can be more than just a comedy show, giving some serious science fiction and drama coming from the most unlikely of sources.  We live in a day and age of some wonderful television series and The Orville certainly has a place of honor among them.

Gleanings, Questions and cool bits: (slight spoilers here)

deflectors 2

  • Unlike classic Trek, this series has no problem with conflict between crew-members and this one really gives several members of the crew some serious situations to deal with.  That being said, I have a feeling that Bortus and his mate Klyden are not going to last for much longer.
  • It is interesting that not only are Moclans against sexual deviancy among their people but also suicide.
  • I don’t think we have seen the last of Locar.  There was far too much story and development given to his character for him to just vanish into the criminal system of Moclus.
  •   Relationships seem to be a major subject on The Orville and this time we are getting the exploration of more than just one. In addition to the Moclan story line, Commander Grayson finds herself battling her feelings for both Ed Mercer and her current boyfriend Cassius.  I know that they are hinting at Ed and Grayson getting back together but honestly, I hope they manage to avoid that trope. Something tells me that they won’t though and that is a shame.

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Late To The Game 3/1/2019

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