Horror is one of my favorite genres, whether it is psychological horror, splatter films, Gothic tales, ghost stories or any other kind of horror, I am game for a good scare. When today’s film was presented to me, I was intrigued by the description and knew I had to see it.  So I present the latest from Dark Coast Films and Writer/Director Andres Rovira, Come, Said The Night.

The Story

come 3
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Returning to The Sanctuary with her family to honor the memory of her older sister, Sprout Grady begins to believe that there is something evil in the woods.  Determined to rid the area of this monster, Sprout soon discovers a dark secret about her father that changes everything she once thought she knew.

Starring Lew Temple (Walking Dead,The Devil’s Rejects), Danielle Harris ( Halloween Series), Tate Birchmoore (Peppermint), Daniela Leon (Atypical) and newcomer Nicole Morrea Sherman, this is a psychological horror film riding on the backs of the Gods.

The Breakdown

Everyone knows of the Greek Gods of old.  From Zeus and his philandering ways to Jason and the Argonauts.  We are taught about the gods of old in primary school with an understanding that they are myths and legends of a people long gone.  But, what if there were people who still worshiped the Greek Pantheon of the Gods?  What if they went to extremes to keep this belief alive? This interesting concept forms the backbone of our story.

come 4
photo courtesy of Tricoast Pictures.

Roy Grady (Temple) has raised his children to follow the paths of the Greek Pantheon of Gods using these deities to control every aspect of their lives.  This control has resulted in his only son, Percy (Birchmore), having issues with physical contact and his remaining daughter, Sprout (Sherman) becoming a blossoming sexually repressed teenager.  Fearing the ‘Otherness’ he has striven to keep his family safe from the outside world but it is only when Sprout discovers Roy’s dark secret that his world begins to fall apart revealing things about their past that can never been unseen.

come 5
photo courtesy of Tricoast Pictures.

Lew Temple does an incredible job as the grieving and somewhat unhinged father, giving him a chance to really show his range while veteran horror star Danielle Harris plays the Siren Park Ranger who is determined to attract his interests.   However, even though much of the story is about Roy and his extreme belief in the Gods of Old, The film mostly follows Sprout in her coming of age story as she discovers more about herself as the truth about her family begins to unravel around her.  Nicole Moorea Sherman really shines in her portrayal of the innocent youth that is forced to grow up during her experiences in The Sanctuary.  I can really see her appearing in many more movies and shows in the future as she has quite the talent.

Come, Said the Night is the feature film directorial debut of Andres Rovira and I can already tell that he has quite a career in front of him. His subtle visuals and dialogue tend to have the audience questioning the line between reality and fiction, giving this film a surreal and fascinating allure. Having worked on Key and Peele it seems some of Jordan Peele’s horror sensibilities have rubbed off on the new director and I am excited to see more from Rovira.   Between he and Peele, it feels like there may be a Renaissance of Horror just around the corner.

The Bottom Line

come 6
photo courtesy of Tricoast Pictures.

Slow to build and somewhat predictable overall, Come, Said the Night is an excellent psychological horror film about the dangers of Psychotic Depression and the need to control the fates of your children through sexual repression. It deals with the subtle balance between gods, monsters and men as none of them can ever be fully trusted.   If you enjoy a dark and subtle horror with a touch of the macabre, this is one you should enjoy.  It is a fascinating film and one that I would be surprised if it did not become a cult favorite.

On a side note, interestingly enough, there are people who worship the Greek Gods of Old.  They call themselves Hellenists and thankfully don’t seem to take it to the extremes that Roy does in this film.

As usual, the trailer:


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photo courtesy of Tricoast Pictures.

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