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Star Trek is good at exploring sociopolitical issues but in very digestible ways. Justice is one of those episodes and it is done well. A little heavy-handed, but well. So, originally airing November 9,1987 I give you Justice.

Originally posted 1/15/2018

The Episode:

Stardate 41255.6 Justice

Justice 1
Wait a minute, did I turn on Skinemax by mistake?

The crew get a chance for shore leave when they discover a new planet where the inhabitants are perfect. The citizens are fit, beautiful and like to have sex at the drop of a hat (‘Any Hat’ as Tasha reiterates). However, something isn’t quite right on the Eden like planet as Wesley Crusher quickly discovers.

Meanwhile the Enterprise encounters what appears to be the planet’s caretaker and He isn’t happy about their visit.

The Breakdown:

Justice 3
Riker, trust me, grow a beard. women love beards.

Upon arrival they are all welcomed by the locals, known as the Edo, with some, well, very forward sensual greetings. It is an idyllic setting and the Edo only seem to want the things that will make everyone around them happy. Their main rule is that you are only asked to participate in the things that you are comfortable with. Interestingly everyone on the planet are blonde haired and quite pale of skin.

While the away team, uhm, enjoy themselves, the Enterprise encounters a strange space station orbiting the planet that seems to have a cloaking device. It comes off as a strange anomaly and they soon discover that this station houses a being that isn’t too pleased that they are visiting its Children the Edo.

Justice 2
Picard encounters a bubble….er… I mean the Edo God.

Of course Wesley ‘breaks’ the law and things really go south. The Edo want him dead and Picard doesn’t. Ugh. Why would they take a kid on an away mission like this. I get that Riker has taken him under his wing but this is pretty much a sex planet so was it really a good idea to bring him? I mean was there a deleted scene where Dr. Crusher was like, ‘Sure, take my son to a planet where the people have sex at the drop of a hat, experience is good for a boy that age!’ Surely not. If so, he has one hell of a progressive mother!

Anyhow, it all works out, because of course it does and we never see or hear from the Edo again. You would think Riker would be one of the first people back there seeing how he initially reacted, but no.

Is this a ‘Good’ Episode:

Justice 5
He is serious about death.

This one is a ‘throwaway’ episode that deals with capital punishment and its merits. It shows a ‘perfect’ society that has found a way to make this extreme measure work for them but also asks the question, should strangers be bound by those same laws?

The thing that makes Star Trek so good is that it has never been afraid to present social issues in a manner that is told in an analogous manner. People who watch the series are inevitably exposed to what could be considered strange new experiences.

Not much in the way of character development in this one, a little touch on Dr. Crusher’s role as a mother and Picard’s sense of duty for his crew and for Star Fleet’s mandates but that was about it. Worf also talks a little on how Klingon sex might be too rough on these Edo so he isn’t getting any on this planet. Oh yeah and it certainly showed Riker’s playboy side. Like a Kirk clone this one.

Overall it is an ok episode, but it is not a great one. Then again, what is?

Gleanings and Cool Bits:

Data gets a chance to command the ship, albeit briefly.

Sadly we, once again, never see this race again and never see what that ‘God’ thing really was.

Picard and crew are thought to be Gods! (for a moment)

For the eagle-eyed (and longtime) viewers, you will notice that the Edo home world bares a striking resemblance to Starfleet Academy…. hmmmmm

It really had to be cold on that set, such skimpy outfits the Edo wear!

Riker Still doesn’t have a beard but shows he has no same!

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Late To The Game 3/16/2019

Justice 7
Watch Out, Klingon hugs can be dangerous!

Special Thanks to Memory Alpha as they are one of the best sources for details on Star Trek information available. Although I have a pretty deep knowledge on the subject, they have proven invaluable as a regular resource.

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