‘Everything is because of you’ – Airiam

No truer words have been spoken and we find out why in this episode.  This is THE RED ANGEL.

The Episode:

Reeling from the loss of one of their own, the crew of the Discovery push forward in their pursuit of the Red Angel.  Soon, after learning the entities identity, Burnam and Crew find their mission to be even more crucial than before.

Is it a ‘Good’ Episode?

Red Angel 1

This season has been moving along very well so far, in fact the past few episodes have proved to be some of the strongest in the series. While this wasn’t a bad episode it really just felt a little forced.  I get throwing a red herring out at the first chance but, honestly, that was a bit much.  I won’t go too much into details here (see below for more) but they should have had this reveal earlier in the series to have the impact they were going for. Plus there is a pretty forced subplot revolving Stamets and his husband Culber.  I get they are having marital issues thanks to Culber’s transition back into the ‘real’ ( I have to wonder if he is the ‘real’ Culber) but this subplot seems tacked on as an extra and not a true narrative when it should be a pretty significant story of it’s own.  This is no fault of the actors but just poor pacing and balance. They are fantastic characters and really deserve better.

Red Angel 7

Red Angel 2

Now, this was, yet again, one of those ‘move the plot forward’ episodes.  Not a bad one, but also not one that really stands out.  Once again, the writers are just maneuvering their pieces on the chess board so that they can end where they want to.  In many series, when done right, this maneuvering is done so subtly that the viewers don’t notice it occurring until the pieces fall into place.  Unfortunately, the writers of Discovery backed themselves into some serious corners with season one and their overarching season two time-travel story that they have to spend entire episodes  resetting the board just to start the next part of the game.  I am sure, as a larger part of a whole, this episode will work wonderfully and would probably be fine when this series can be binge watched, however, in episodic context, it is these episodes that go down as some of the most forgettable when they should be significant.

All in all, great connective tissue, but not very meaty.

Gleanings, Questions and cool bits: ( spoilers here)

red angel 8

  • Why would they delete Airiam’s memories if she was already dead?  Sure, she was infected but to erase her memories… Odd.
  • I have to say, I was really dissapointed with how they handled Airiam’s funeral.  THAT seemed a little hokey after such a powerful sacrifice.
  • Saru can sing.  Well, if he ever leaves the crew, he has a career as a lounge singer, or calamari.
  • I really can’t buy that Tyler is so open to switching loyalties and in such a fluid fashion.  The dude has some issues but section 31?  really?  ugh

Red Angel 6

  • Is Leland dead?!  or is he up to something else…
  • I did really like how Burnham kicked his butt though.  that was some good stuff.
  • I did find it odd that, in the future that is Star Trek that labels such as Straight, Gay and Pan Sexual exist. Terms like these seem to be anachronistic to the universe that Star Trek exists in.  When Georgiou mentions that her Stamets was Pan sexual, instead of identifying himself as ‘gay’ I honestly expected Stamets to tell Georgiou that he simply ‘preferred men’.  I get why they chose to use identifying terminology since we are in the 21st century but it feels that, in such an enlightened future, there would be no need for terms like this any longer as a persons sexuality would no longer need to be identified as it was what it was and no one would question it.  I guess with Georgiou being from the Mirror Universe, she may not be as enlightened though.

Red Angel 5

  • The Red Angel Theory continues
    • So, big revelation this episode Burnham’s Mom is the Red Angel.  I wonder if in her time traveling experiments for Project Daedalus revealed to her the death of her daughter and she simply could not live with that. So, without realizing, or careing, how much she screwed up the timeline, Mama Burnham decided to alter events.  However, those events could only be altered if she and her husband died at a certain point in time. Why? well, you know, wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff.
  • So, Spock apologies and it’s all okay.  They can forgive one another.  Yep.  They are certainly not related by blood.  That grudge would have gone on until death. I still have things I never forgave my siblings of….how dare you break my original AT-ST the day I got it….damn you.Ok.  Sneak Peek at next weeks episode down below.  Until then,
  • Red Angel,  Red Herring more like it…

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Late To The Game 3/21/2019

Red Angel 3
Wait a second…is she really The Wasp?!
Red Angel 4
I may hate the new Klingon makeup but damn if that ship isn’t gorgeous.


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