When thinking about my favorite films and movies that were key in my life, one film always makes the list and it is this one.  Every time I think about think about classic 80’s cinematic fantasy, I am instantly transported to Fantasia and the adventures of Bastian and Atreyu.

Todays Key Movie:

neverending 7

Directed by Wolfgang Petersen, (who also directed Enemy Mine) The Neverending story is the tail of a young boy who is searching for more in life.  He has just recently list his mother, his father is having a hard time being there for him and he is being bullied by other boys at school.  In his search for something to take him away from reality, he finds a book called The NeverEnding Story.  Falling into the story, he finds himself responsible for the fate of an entire fantasy realm known as Fantasia.

Why this movie?

This film is a must watch for any and all kids of the 80’s.  It is one that was a formative film for just about every child of the 80’s.  From the  Atreyu facing off with the first appearance of the Rockbiter to Atreyu’s great loss in the Swamps of  Sadness, this was a film that spoke to us on so many levels.  There is not a friend that I grew up with that doesnt remember the first time they saw this film.

It is indeed a classic and should be in everyone’s collection.

How did this translate to real life?

neverending 3
I would love to visit again one day…

As a kid, this film captured my imagination like no other.  Like Bastian, I was bullied as well and just a glimmer of hope at that age went a long way. Also, like Bastain, I was a reader, I read everything I could get my hands on.  I read fantasies, scifi, horror, you name it and encountering a film where the book contained a genuine world intrigued me like no other.   I would have killed for a book like that and to be honest, still would.

I was so much into this story that I eventually found the novel by Michael Ende that the film was based on.  I quickly discovered that there was so much more to the story past this film (and the lesser sequels).   While this film is one of my favorites, the book is so much greater.

Okay, you like this film, but is it really a ‘good film’?

neverending 4
We asked for a warrior not a boy…

I can’t say it enough, this is a must see and must own in every way.  I can’t say how much I enjoyed watching this film for this review and honestly I am surprised I haven’t done it sooner. Delightful, inspiring and even frightening at times, this is one to watch.

Although it didn’t perform as well in the United States as it did in other countries, this became a must see on VHS for just about every 80’s child.  I can’t say that I saw this in the theaters but I know I watched it an untold amount of times at home.   The opening theme alone pulls me back to a more innocent time that captures a moment in my youth I will never forget.

Production wise, this is a complete marvel.   Everything about it is astonishing for a film of its time period, from fantastic special effects, to terrific acting this is just a cool movie overall.  Even the music is inspiring with incredible scores that pull you into the story like no other.  The opening song alone is stuff of magic.

neverending 5
Plus, who wouldn’t want a Luck Dragon!

OK, where do I get this movie?

This is available pretty much anywhere movies can be boughts.  You can get it here on 30th anniversary blu ray disc for about $13 or digitally from your favorite streaming service.   I also highly recommend the novel as it goes so much farther than the movie ever does.  Apparently there was a short lived TV series too but, as the movie says,  that is another story…

of course…the trailer:



Late To The Game 4/9/2019 (originally published 5/31/2018)

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neverending story Artax GIF
Did I mention heartbreaking as well?

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