This is it.  The final episode of Season two of Star Trek Discovery. So far this season has really proven itself to be a vast improvement over the first season but it all comes down to this episode.  Will it stick the landing? Will everything pay off in the end?  What new mystery will we be introduced to to set off Season 3?  I mean come on, what is Star Trek without a season ending cliff hanger am I right?!   So, Let’s find out together!

The Episode

Preparing to find a way to get Discovery and Commander Burnham to the wormhole, The Enterprise leads the attack on the Section 31 armada to allow Burnham to build the new time suit and take the Discovery into the future.

Is it a ‘Good’ Episode?

Sweet 1

To start with, I have not seen a battle this intense since either the Battle of Wolf 359 or the Dominion Wars.  I have to say, if there is anything Discovery gets right it is the action.  Every minute of the battle was intense and really kept me at the edge of my seat.  While I knew the Enterprise had to survive, I mean this is prior to the original series, and so did Discovery (you did watch Short Treks right?), the entire time I honestly found myself doubting that it was even possible for them to make it through.

Sweet 2

The interesting thing about this series is that, should you literally watch it before watching TOS, I have a feeling you would find TOS to be a pretty boring series.  In a way this prequel series ruins the more subtle exploration focused original run by just being far too engaging of a series.  I mean, that’s good for us but if you are new to Trek and want to watch it in chronological order, boy are you going to be dissapointed.  The same thing can be said for Enterprise in a way but that series was no where near as intense as this one. But enough exposition, what about this episode?

Sweet 4

Okay, all that aside, this was by far the best season finale of a Star Trek series I have seen in a LONG while.  Not only did it manage to wrap up some of the biggest threads this series has presented, it also managed to do so with some serious heart.  It has certainly taken this series a while to get to this point but man has it found it’s voice. I usually call out an actor or two in my reviews but in this episode the entire cast was at their peak.  This is the Star Trek I was hoping for and boy did they bring their ‘A’ games to it.

Star Trek has always been about hope and has somehow, even in the worst of times, maintained a truly optimistic view of the future.  This was my biggest criticism of the first season as I felt that that season did not do it’s duty portraying this single most important aspect of Star Trek.  This season, however, found it’s optimism, it found it’s hope and man did it feel good. This final episode not only showed us the hope for the future we all wanted but it tied in so perfectly with the original series that I almost fear that we will not see a season three of Discovery.  That being said, if the implications it gave are true, I have a feeling we may be seeing a far more Enterprising series in the future instead.

Sweet 8

Gleanings, Questions and cool bits: (slight spoilers here)

  • We finally get an completion to the love story that is Stamets and Culber.  Even though most of their journey felt like it was shoe horned in, their final reunion really worked.  I like that
  • I LOVE the updated Enterprise bridge.  Even though it is a little disruptive to the continuity, I am really okay with the subtle and very respectful update to the nerve center of the Federations flagship.

Sweet 7

  • So the Kelpians became warriors in just a short time after trimming their ganglia?  Okay, stranger things have happened.

Sweet 6

  • Admiral Cornwell’s Sacrifice was pretty epic.  While we really didn’t get to know her all that well, I have to say she was one of the best Admirals we have had on a Star Trek series in a while.

Sweet 9

  •  Okay, for the first time in the series the Klingnots were far closer to the Klingons we knew than ever before.  I have to say, while they still look VERY wrong, their attitude in this finale was SPOT ON.  Qapla’ my friends Qapla’.
  • Wait, what?  A former Klingon is now in charge of Section 31?  Uhm…that is surprising.
  • So Short Treks kinda spoiled the end of the season without anyone really knowing it.  Now we know how the Discovery got 1000 years into the future.  huh. Additionally, now we know why Discovery is never mentioned in the records…it never ‘officially’ existed. Plus a good answer as to why Spock never mentions Burnham.  I like it.

Sweet 11

  • HAHA, when asked her name Number One answers ‘Number One’  I love it!
  • Finally,  Will we every get really find out what happened to Discovery?  In a way this was one of the biggest cliffhangers of all of Star Trek but at the same time, it served as the perfect ending to the series.  I have to admit,  I hope the adventure is far from over.  We shall see…

Thanks for reading the SciFi TV Review,  I look forward to discussing the rest of the series with you! Some other random cool shots from the episode below.  Sorry, no teasers this time.

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Late To The Game 4/18/19

Sweet 10

Sweet 5

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