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The Klingons, other than Worf, we really haven’t seen much of them this season. So at this point, we haven’t had a chance to learn more about them or their culture outside of a few insights in our interactions with Lt. Worf. This episode finally addresses this oversight. I present to you, Heart of Glory, originally airing on March 21, 1988.

The Episode:

Stardate 41503.7 Heart of Glory

The Enterprise is called to investigate a battle near the Romulan Neutral Zone that may be the first signs of a new threat between the Federation and the Romulan Empire. They arrive only to find a few Klingon survivors on board and they may hold answers to what occurred on board the ship.

The Breakdown:

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Nearing Vessel, sir.

At first the crew believes that the damaged transport may have been attacked by Romulans, being close to the border. An away team comprised of Riker, Data and Geordi transport to the vessel in order to determine who survived and what attacked them. Prior to leaving, Geordie attaches a special device to his visor that allows the Enterprise crew to see through his visor on their view screen and Picard is amazed by what he sees.

The away team soon discovers three Klingons (Korris, Kunivas and Konmel) who claim that Ferengi using Klingon weapons attacked the ship and abandoned them to die. The away team take them on board where Worf is immediately intrigued by these new guests. Soon Kunivas dies of his wounds sustained on the transport and Worf, with his new friends, give the fallen soldier his death ritual.

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Like baby birds looking for food.

The Klingons are fascinated by Worf’s ‘domestication’ and goad him about not being a true Klingon. They soon reveal that they were not attacked but instead stole the ship in order to provoke the Klingon government into a war. They feel that the Klingons have become weak and felt that they need to bring back the fight that is in their blood.

Soon a Klingon Vessel arrives with the intent to arrest and condemn these renegade Klingons. Worf pleads for the newly arrived Klingons to allow his new friends to be set free to die an honorable death. They decline, only for the Klingon renegades to escape and start causing trouble aboard the Enterprise.

Soon Worf must confront Korris and determine where he belongs in the universe. He clearly chooses the path of Starfleet but not without some serious soul searching.

Is this a ‘Good’ Episode:

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Klingons Sir.

Certainly. This is one that fully reintroduces the Klingons to the Star Trek universe and it does so wonderfully. This episode would really help develop them as a true ally and formidable foe in future stories.

This is a Worf episode and really helps develop him as a character, providing him with much more backstory and characterization. In this episode we learn that, as a child, Worf was saved at Khitomer by a Federation officer after a Romulan attack. He always felt like an outsider but could never let go of his heritage. We also see that he has a deep sense of honor and duty, knowing that he has chosen a life with the Federation and has no plans to betray that trust. Worf would later become one of the most beloved characters in the franchise, even moving over to Deep Space Nine after the end of The Next Generation series.

Personal Log:

The character of Worf is one that I always thought was cool. A few years back I had the opportunity to chat with actor Michael Dorn, the man who portrayed the Klingon in question. I am pleased to report he was a very friendly and amicable man who told us stories of his time on Star Trek and really seemed to enjoy his time on the series.

Gleanings and Cool Bits:

We see, for the first time, in this episode the Klingon Death Ritual. This is a true first for this race and really helps establish the Klingons as not only an honorable race but a ritualistic one as well.

We also see that the Klingons are still using a variation of the D7 Cruiser from the Original Series and the early movies. I guess if something works, there is no reason to fix it.

heart 2

This episode presents us with a chance to ‘see’ through Geordi’s VISOR. Needless to say, he and The Predator have a few things in common.

The Romulans are mentioned and it is heavily implied that the Federation hasn’t had any contact with them in some years. No insight as to why.

Riker Beard Countdown B minus 7 Episodes until Beard Emergence.

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Late To The Game 4/27/2019 (Originally Published 02/12/2018)

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Greetings, We would like to talk to you about the warranty on your bat’leth.

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