Having already recorded two albums in Canada, Jagged Little Pill was Alanis Morissette’s official introduction to the rest of the world and not many of us were ready for this brutally honest, intense and angry performer.  Almost immediately she had us ready for more and I know I was among those who were enthralled by the release of the subject of today’s article  I present Jagged Little Pill.

Why This Album?

jaggad cover

Up until this point, the nineties were filled with a plethora of male rock singers either bemoaning teenage angst or just spinning tales of love and loss.  Women in rock were not a new thing with bands like L7, Hole, Sheryl Crow and more making a name for themselves, but no one had the raw personal power that Alanis presented on Jagged Little Pill.  Even the title of the album bespoke something that was tough to swallow and let’s just say, this album may go down smooth but it tries to choke you with the shear energy and passion in each track.

This album comes across as one of the most emotional and introspective albums of it’s time.  Telling the listeners tales of betrayal, hopelessness, anger and revenge, it jumps between hard impactful rock songs to pleadingly sad songs about never being perfect.  As if someone had literally torn the pages out of a diary of any of us at the time, this album spoke to everyone who listened to it in one way or another. With all of the angst and anger, Morrisette herself has a voice that really resonates. Everything she sings has such a gravitas that you can not help but feel everything she talks about, every statement, every sentiment. This album is one that certainly establishes that Morrisette is at her best when she is angry and has something serious to convey.

Favorite Tracks

Perfect:  This is the track for people who are expected to be their best but are constantly told they just aren’t good enough.

Forgiven:  This one is intense.  It comes across as a song about finding your place in the world and discovering a reason in that place. It also highlights the regrets and hardships everyone goes through on a daily basis.  It is angry, heartfelt and such an impactful song.

Head over feet:  This one is about finding a lover in a friend and a friend in a lover.  It is about balance in those relationships and how deep you feel them. It is a vital part of any relationship and if you are not friends, it isn’t worth it.

Ok, Where do I get it?

You mean you don’t already have a copy of this one?  Wow, okay.  Well we can fix that.

For around $11 you can grab the original release or a really great remaster version with extra tracks for only a few dollars more.   Then again, there is Spotify.

Late to the Game 5/14/19

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