Sometimes you find out about a band through the most interesting of ways.  It was sometime in 2006 or 2007 when a friend shared a music video with me that he thought I would enjoy.  The video was one that instantly reminded me of the stop motion work of Danny Elfman and Tim Burton from A Nightmare Before Christmas and I was instantly fascinated by the world it evoked.  The song was entitled I Lived on the Moon and told the story of a young child visiting a magical and wondrous land.  Instantly I knew I had to find more and, after much searching, I located the band and a place to buy the entire album.  The album was Tales and Dreams by Kwoon and it was incredible.

Why This Album?

kwoon cover

Seldom do the first albums of a new band evoke the incredible sense of awe and wonderment that today’s album gives in spades.  Kwoon’s Tales and Dreams’ is an album that instantly teleport the listener to a new land where anything is possible and everything exists.  Telling tales of travelers, of beasts and of the impossible, the French band creates a mesmerizing album of songs that should not be listened to in pieces, but enjoyed as a single encompassing entity.

Every track on this album from the short two minute intro to the final notes on the last track entitled Kwoon are a wonder of auditory delight.   This seven piece band from France construct incredible tales of melancholy and joy, adventure and peril in just 42 astonishing minutes.   Utilizing instruments and sounds from various sources,  Kwoon has created what feels like a lost soundtrack to a movie not unlike The NeverEnding Story or Legend and that only hints at the magic in the ten tracks presented.

Light on lyrics but heavy on gorgeous instrumentation, I can not recommend this album more for audiophiles and fans of the post-rock movement.   Like the Narnia of sound, the album feels like a secret place in music that few know about but those that find it find delight in the subtleties within.

Favorite Tracks

The track that led me to Kwoon is this one, I lived on the moon but I will also include the entire album so that you can enjoy it in it’s entirety.  This is not one to break up and parse out, this is one to play through and allow yourself to fall into the rabbit hole that is Tales and Dreams.




Ok, Where do I get it?

This is not an easy album to find but I tracked it down on   It will run you about $20 but that is a small price to pay for the genius within. If you like it, please consider supporting the band who brought this rare album to you.  You can also listen to it via spotify. 

Late to the Game 6/4/2019

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