I honestly don’t remember when I first heard of Cake or when I first started listening to them, but it was some time in the mid to late 90’s and they have remained a favorite of mine ever since.  There is something unique about this band that I have not found with any other and for that uniqueness, I find them to be one of the most enjoyable bands around.

Why This Album?

comfort cover

This particular album has some of my favorite songs of Cake and really gives us a great look at the talent this group possesses.  Most bands fall into the comfort of a standard musical structure, staying in the lanes set forth by schools, fans and critics alike.  Occasionally someone comes along and challenges those norms, coloring outside of these preconceived lines and creating something truly original and unique.This is what Cake manages to do with nearly each and every song they release.

With nearly every song, they challenge the accepted pop music structure of verse chorus verse and utilize a multiple counterpoints, or countermelodies, that add an interesting depth to each of their songs.  Playing with sound, they tend to add layers of contradictory rhythms that should never work together but somehow they do.  It is as if each of the band members are on a journey heading to the same location but each of them take vastly different yet complementary paths pausing occasionally at the same touch-points along the map to their destination.  It is fascinating to follow them along their travel and even though they are each travelling solo, they are able to stay in step with one another the entire way. Doing this, they manage to use their vocals and instruments not unlike the classical masters used strings and brass, creating Symphonies (Some of them even in C).

For some reason, Cake has only flirted with fame in the past, never becoming the pop sensation it seems perfectly suited for. From hit songs to the occasional tv show themes Cake keeps reappearing in the mainstream but just as quickly vanishes below the waves.  Maybe it is due to their slightly defiant style hidden behind a facade of banality, or maybe it is all part of their plan but, Bottom line, this Cake is not a lie.

Favorite Tracks

Commissioning a Symphony in C.  A song about how studios tend to manufacture music and believe it will be the best ever since they spent a ton of music on it. This one is a great example of their counterpoint style.  It’s pretty great.

Arco Arena:  This is a cool instrumental track that just doesn’t get old.

Pretty Pink Ribbon.   Very classic, and just a personal favorite.

Ok, Where do I get it?

This one is pretty easy to find and, when they have it in stock, you can find it here.  I would also recommend Spotify,  they have the entire discography and it is all good.

Late to the Game 8/20/2019

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