Coming soon from Tricoast Entertainment, Hate Crime is a film that explores the aftermath of a devastating murder in the LGBTQ community and it’s affects on the families of the killer and his victim.

Image courtesy of TriCoast Entertainment

After Raymond (Jordan Salloum) is sentenced to death for the murder of a young gay man (Chasen Schneider), both of their families must deal with the aftermath as they begin to come to grips with how this tragedy occurred and who is ultimately to blame.

Also Starring  John Schneider, Laura Cayouette, Amy Redford and Kevin Bernhardt check out this exclusive first look at this powerful film that is described as ‘an emotional journey’ that ‘comes right out of the headlines’.

This multiple award winning film by Steven Esteb finally gets it’s US release in late September from Tricoast Entertainment.  Be sure to check it out upon it’s release on various digital platforms including Amazon, Vudu and more.   Also, don’t forget to come back for our review, but in the meantime, check out some exclusive stills from this sure to be impactful film.

Jordan Salloum behind bars
Image courtesy of TriCoast Entertainment
Kevin Bernhardt_Amy Redford better times
Image courtesy of TriCoast Entertainment
John Scneider_Laura Cayouette drive into prison
Image courtesy of TriCoast Entertainment
Image courtesy of TriCoast Entertainment

Late To The Game 8/20/2019

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HATE CRIME (2017, 90 min.) Directed by: Steven Esteb. Written by: Jonah Tapper. Produced by: Steven Esteb, John Schneider. Editor: Blake Palmintier. Cinematographer: John Philion. Original Music: Jay Weigel. USA, English. Erath Entertainment, Heartland, TriCoast Worldwide.

Produced by: Erath Entertainment, Heartland.

About TriCoast Entertainment: TriCoast Entertainment is a premium Domestic Distributor, representing the best of U.S. and international films: in theaters, on VOD, on DVD and TV. Sister company to TriCoast Worldwide and TriCoast Studios, the company is located at the Studio facility in Culver City, Los Angeles. Founded by: Strathford Hamilton and Marcy Levitas Hamilton.

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