David Bowie was one of the greatest talents to grace this planet.  Bold statement I know but when you look at the shear amount of work this single person completed in his lifetime, it is not something many can argue with.  This was a man who not only created amazing works of art with his music but also proved to be quite the accomplished actor and left a legacy that is hard to match.

Even though I had heard his music before, I was first really introduced to Bowie, like many others of my age, through a film called Labyrinth.  In that film, Bowie played the antagonist Jareth and remains one of the most iconic villains of his time.  Soon after I began to search for more of his music and happened to stumble across the very album that came out  following the soundtrack to Labyrinth, an album called Never Let Me Down.

Why This Album?

never let me down coverart

The Labyrinth movie and soundtrack featured some of my favorite Bowie songs but it never felt like there was enough.  The following year the album Never Let Me Down fell into my lap.  I am unsure how I ended up with it, but it was one I listened to over and over again as it almost felt like a followup to his time work on one of my favorite films.

The album itself is an incredible collection of songs that really defined the mid eighties for me.  While most people were fawning over U2 or George Michael,  I was enraptured by the incredible voice of David Bowie and this very album.  At it’s core it is an unassuming album of good 80’s rock with Bowie letting loose making it very clear on every song that he is having a blast.

The song that really got me though is one that is very different than the rest on the album, the song is called Glass Spider.   Starting with a spoken word tale of the spider, Bowie goes on to tell the tale of a Glass Spider and her children.

Up until one century ago there lived,
In the Zi Duang provence of eastern country
A glass-like spider.
Having devoured its prey it would drape the skeletons over its web,
In weeks creating a macabre
Shrine of remains
Its web was also unique in that it had many layers,
Like floors in a building
At the top of this palace-like place, assembled with almost apparent
Care, were tiny, shining objects, glass, beads, dew-drops.
One could almost call it an altar.
When the breeze blew through this construction,
It produced sounds of wailing, crying.
Tiny wails, tiny cries.
The baby spiders would get scared and search frantically
For their mother.
But the Glass Spider would have long gone, having known that the babies
Would survive someone on their own.
Oh-The Glass Spider had blue eyes almost like-a human’s.
They shed tears at the wintered turn of the centuries.

To this day I find myself wanting to know more of this land and this spider but sadly it seems it was never revisited.

All in all, to me, this was Bowie. This is the album, along with his portrayal of Jareth, that I think of when people mention his name.  It’s collection of songs remain my favorite and I can listen to it over and over without getting tired of a single song.

Favorite Tracks

Of Course, Glass Spider:

Zeroes:  The mental image of the lyric ‘Tonight the Zeroes are singing for you’ makes me smile.  Not sure why, but I always thought it was cool.

Time Will Crawl: The second song on the album and damn is it cool.

Ok, Where do I get it?

The original album is still available for around $15 or here on Spotify but, it seems a newly remastered version is dropping soon and I can’t wait to hear it.

Trust me, if you dig Bowie, give this a go, you might just like it too.

Late to the Game 9/24/2019

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