Sometimes you need no words to get your point across.  Many bands today have a formula where every song has drums, guitars, a bass hook and, of course, some catchy lyrics.  It is common and can be mixed and experimented with in an  innumerable fashion.  It is those bands that break the mold that really stand out and that is where Rodrigo y Gabriela come in.  With only a couple of acoustic guitars and a passion for music, these two incredible performers from Mexico City have an uncanny ability to get into your soul.

Why This Album?

rg cover

I was introduced to this album by accident.  Working on an overnight project at a record store one night we needed something to keep us awake during the wee hours of the night.  Having already exhausted an insane amount of cd’s one of the guys recommended a band who’s name sounded like something from my youth on the border.  Not being into Tejano music, I politely declined but the disc when in anyway.  Soon the building was filled with the amazing rhythmic sounds of classical guitar done with a touch of flamenco and a hint of rock.  There were no other instruments save for the occasional percussion of the players hands tapping their guitars. Instantly I was entranced.

Every second of this album is filled with fast finger picking the likes only someone like Chet Atkins could even imagine.  It is an astonishing work with each song proving as unique and amazing as the last.  Opening with the tune Tamacun, the duo traverses the spectrum of sound touching on incredible covers of Stairway to Heaven and even Metallica’s Orion.

I can not say enough about this band or this album and how incredible it is.  The songs are both tunes that will get your blood pumping and even are great for just some nice background flavor.  Rodrigo y Gabriela are a duo to be reckoned with and only by listening to them will you begin to understand.

 Favorite Tracks

To watch them play is almost more astonishing than just listening to them.   It is with a superhuman agility that these two work their magic and so I had to track down songs I love from this album that show the two in action.  So here they are.

The opening track, Tamacun.  WOW. yeah.

Next up. Satori. this is a cool one that starts deceptively simple and transforms the deeper you get into the song.

Of course, the amazing cover of Stairway to Heaven.

I dont know what it is about this next track but I had to include it. It is a magical number that will have you traveling in your mind to far away lands.  This is Ixtapa.

Ok, Where do I get it?

You can get this one fairly cheap for around $8 here or, of course, Spotify.  Regardless, be sure to listen to the full album.  It is awesome.  If you like it, they have more and they only get better.

Late to the Game 10/08/2019

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