I was introduced to Pomplamoose by a coworker several years ago who played their brilliant cover version of the song September for me.  Instantly I knew that there was something special here and went looking for more of their music. At first it seemed that the band only did clever cover songs and accompanying videos but soon I found that performers Nataly Dawn and Jack Conte recorded original works as well and those songs were even more incredible.  The album I found was Hey It’s Pomplamosse and is the subject of today’s Stand Out Albums.

Why This Album?


Dawn and Conte are known for their YouTube music videos where they follow two simple rules, What you see is what you hear (no lip Synching) and If you Hear it, You see it (at some point) as in no secret sounds and such.   It is due to this method of recording videos that they developed what they call a ‘glitz-free’ style allowing them a quality that is normally lost with overproduction.

The thing that makes this album special is it’s purity and fun.  Every track exudes the sheer joy Dawn and Conte exibit when on the screen. It is clear that they love what they do and inject that emotion into every track and every note.

Nataly Dawn vocals are a joy to listen to on every track with Jack Conte providing a wonderful backing while they both play every instrument on the album. The songs cover subjects such as self worth to fun stories about the mob.  Frankly,  I can’t think of any other band who could even make the Angry Birds Theme a track that I actually found myself playing over and over.  These folks have it and they know it but they only flaunt it as much as necessary.

Favorite Tracks

Monster Mask: A song about self acceptance from the monsters point of view.  Such a clever and powerful tune.

Bust Your Knee Caps: Done in a classic 40’s crooner style, Dawn tells a story from the point of view of a Mob Bosses Daughter who is warning her boyfriend of the troubles he will get into should he cross her family. It is a catchy tune that will have you singing along in no time at all.

The Angry Birds Theme.  I mean, seriously.  It’s that good.

Ok, Where do I get it?

It seems you cant get this particular album any longer but you can still listen to it on Spotify.  It is really worth it.  You can also check out their other work here at their official website.  They are really quite rad and their cover songs are amazing!  

Late to the Game 11/5/2019

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