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Trust. Who do ya? Trust? – Prince

That is the question proposed in this episode of STNG.  Should you trust someone based on the Legacy of another?  Let’s find out in the episode that aired on October 29,1990, you guessed it, Legacy.

The Episode:

Stardate 44215.2: Legacy

The Enterprise returns to the homeworld of their former shipmate Tasha Yar, Turkana IV, where a freighter has crashed and is now being held hostage by one of the local factions.  They soon encounter someone who they never thought they would meet, someone related to their former comrade.

The Breakdown:

After receiving a distress call, the Enterprise responds but is too late to rescue the ship as it crashes onto the planet Turkana IV.   Despite the fact that the government of the planet has fallen and is known for violent responses to anyone who beams down.

leg 2

Riker and team (Worf, Data and Dr. Crusher) beam down to find a destroyed city and a full civilization underground.  After meeting with one of the local factions, they soon meet Tasha Yar’s sister, Ishara Yar.

Although suspicious of her, the crew agree to talk with their former comrades family member.  She reveals that she stayed behind when Tasha left to work with a local faction.  She soon proposes that she can assist in the rescue of the crashed ship’s crew that has been kidnapped by an opposing faction.  While on their first mission, she is injured but survives the attack.  They soon confirm that she is indeed Tasha’s sister (via DNA) and see this as an opportunity to trust Isharazzzzzzzzz  huh. oh sorry, I dozed off a little.  This one is really pushing my limits.  So far, since season 3 this series has been pretty on point but then we get one like this that just doesn’t seem to fit. It’s not bad but boy is this one a clunker.  that’s okay, I’ll make this easier.

Let’s start over…

leg 3
Like a low rent Sarah Conner

The Enterprise gets a distress but arrives too late to save  it from crashing on Tasha Yar’s home world.  They realize that this place is crazy dangerous still as the Federation is pretty crappy taking care of fellow human colonists but decide to go down anyway because they have to save the folks they failed.  They arrive only to find out there is a faction war on and guess who they run into?  No not Spanish Inquisition, although they certainly wouldn’t expect it… no they run into Tasha Yar’s younger sister Ishara.  Whaaaaat?!   After confirming her identity the crew decide that since Tasha was a trustworthy lady then her sister must be as well, ignoring the fact that the planet had RAPE GANGS and has been in turmoil for 20+ years.  anyhow, they trust her and she works with them to save their people from the other faction who have them because of course the other faction has them! Why wouldn’t they?!

She plays them like fools the whole time.  I mean, geez she is good. She plays them like a fiddle, especially poor Data.  He falls right for her since he loved Tasha in his own way.  Her and her 90’s mullet hair capture him right away. She even claims to be considering joining Starfleet.  yeah, she’s good. Too Good.

leg 5

Turns out she is actually working for the ‘Coalition’ (Say it ain’t so!) who were using the Enterprise AND the hostages as a means to get into the Alliance base in order attack the Alliance, destroying them forever.  Data stops her and, after returning to the ship, he sends her back to her planet without remorse. She even threatened to KILL Data.  Seriously folks, you didn’t see this coming.  The mullet was a dead giveaway.

BAM!   That was soooo much better huh?  Yeah?

Is this a ‘Good’ Episode:

It is hard to say.  Personally this is one of my least favorite of the season (so far).  In fact, until I rewatched it, I had all but forgotten that Ishara even existed so this is really a forgettable episode at best.   I know they were trying to pull on the heartstrings of fans in this one as well and it fell pretty flat.  Dont get me wrong, the actors did a great job with the script and with what they had, but it just was not meant to be.

The lesson in this one is really one of trust and how, when you open yourself up to trusting someone, you are also opening yourself up to being harmed as well. There is a great interchange between Riker and Data at the end of the episode that sums this episode up in the best way.

leg 6

Riker: In all trust there is the possibility of betrayal, I’m not sure you were prepared for that…

Data: Then it is better not to Trust.

Riker: Without trust there’s no friendship. No closeness. None of the emotional bonds that make us who we are.

Data: And yet you put yourself at risk.

Riker: Every single time.

Every day we put our trust into someone or something.  Whether it is a car or a job, a spouse or a friend, we set ourselves up to be hurt at all times.  Much of the time we are not and that builds the trust and confidence in those that have not betrayed us.  When we are, it erodes that trust and, sometimes, obliterates it completely.  It is a fine line in which we walk but it is necessary for us to survive.

In this episode the crew, despite obvious warnings, chose to trust the sister of a fallen comrade based solely on the legacy of that comrade.  Was this the right move? clearly not.  But it isn’t unreasonable.

Gleanings and Cool Bits:

leg 4

We finally get to learn more about Tasha’s past through her sister Ishara.  While much of Ishara’s stories could have been half truths, it is the closest we will get to knowing Tasha’s full background. But did we really need to know?   I mean, okay, I get why the writers are revisiting Tasha, they want you to remember her because something big is coming.  Something I will not spoil for you so you’ll have to wait. If you have been paying attention to specific events of last season then you’d be on the right track.  Here is a hint.

We literally never see nor hear from Ishara again.  For an entire episode to revolve around a missing family member of a dead comrade, you would think she’d come back or at least be mentions.  Nope.  She is just as forgotten as this episode is forgettable.

There is a great moment where Data beats Riker in a poker game and then spoils Riker’s magic trick.  That there is good stuff.

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Late To The Game 11/23/2019 (Originally published 7/02/2018)

leg 1
Riker guesses which hand Data has a treat in.

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