This is it, the season finale of DS9 season Five.  With the Dominion having gained a foothold in the Alpha Quadrant, Captain Sisko must do something to prevent more Dominion troops from arriving.  Originally airing on June 16,1997, this is Call to Arms.

The Episode:

Station Log Stardate 50975.2 Call To Arms

Captain Sisko must find a way to prevent additional Dominion troops from arriving while facing the threat of a Cardassian fleet hellbent on taking over the station. Can Sisko mine the wormhole in time before the station is overrun?

The Breakdown:

Rom and Leeta work with Garak and Tora Ziyal to decide on Leeta’s wedding dress. Soon Quark interrupts the conversation to get Leeta back to work only to be interrupted himself when Sisko walks by.  Stopping the Station Commander, Rom and Leeta ask Sisko to perform their wedding ceremony in two weeks time.  He agrees and turns to watch as another fleet of Dominion warships pour into the Alpha Quadrant via the wormhole.  Sisko fears that an attack is imminent.

At dinner, Ben asks Jake why his son did not warn him about Jake writing an article for the Federation news service.  Jake tells his father that he has a job with the Federation News Service and will be the stations correspondent going forward.  At that same time, Kira, Dax and Odo find a large shipment of Yamok Sauce that has been smuggled in by Quark.  There, Kira confides in Dax that she and Odo are having issues due to his recent admission that he has feelings for her.

arms 2Back in his office, Sisko learns that the Romulans may have signed a non-aggression pact with the Dominion frustrating the whole crew.  It seems that the Dominion has made similar pacts with others in the quadrant allowing them an easier path to take over the Alpha Quadrant.  After talking with Star Fleet, Sisko has been given the okay to mine the mouth of the wormhole in order to prevent any further Dominion convoys.

arms 3

That evening, Dax, O’Brien and Rom try to work out a way to mine the wormhole.  Rom comes up with a self replicating mine field while stressing out about the upcoming wedding.  Sisko informs his operations team that they are on their own, Star Fleet will not be providing any backup from from the fleet.  It is time to fully arm DS9 and make the Dominion come through them.  In preparation, Odo asks to discontinue any outgoing subspace messages and uses the time to talk with Kira about his feelings.  He informs the Major that he would like to go out to dinner with her and makes it clear that, until the current crisis has passed, he will not make any attempts at romantic interludes with his friend.  They both agree it is for the best, relieving the tension. As they begin mining the wormhole, The Dominion sends Weyoun who informs Sisko that, should they not cease their operations, the Dominion will take DS9 and stop the mining themselves.

arms 4

Sisko casually informs Weyoun that he will not allow any additional Dominion troops to enter the Alpha Quadrant.  Weyoun immediately asks for a compromise and claims the troops are being used to protect the Cardassians and not to be used to enact a war with the Federation.  Weyoun asks that Sisko consider letting the Dominion continue bringing in convoys of just supplies, ensuring that the two people can come to peace.  Sisko remains unconvinced and believes that the Dominion will be attacking sooner than later.  The minefield must be completed immediately and Sisko begins developing a plan. Assigning tasks for every member of the crew, Sisko asks Kira to contact Bajor as he intends on encouraging Bajor to sign the non-aggression pact with the Dominion.  He knows that they have no way to protect Bajor.

arms 6

Bajor signs the pact and soon all Bajoran citizens are evacuated to allow them safety in the oncoming war.  Garak says farewell to Tora as Ben Sisko officiates the wedding between Nog and Leeta.  Just as the wedding is completed, Sisko is informed by General Martok that a large force of Cardassian ships are on their way.  Gul Dukat contacts the station and informs them that he and his fleet are indeed coming in for the attack.

With the enemy fleet on their way, Sisko informs the Defiant that they need to hurry with their mining operation. They are running out of time and things are about to get hairy.  All over the station, people prepare for battle, from Jake helping in the infirmary to Rom ushering his new bride off of the station.  The mood is intense and soon it becomes clear that everyone is aware things may not end well for many of them.

arms 7

Soon the fleet arrives with Gul Dukat in the lead.  On the lead ship it is clear that Dukat has no plans to honor the non-aggression pact between the Dominion and Bajor much to Weyoun’s dismay.  Immediately the Cardassian fleet begins to attack with DS9 defending itself admirably.  Soon the Defiant finds itself under attack forcing Dax to risk setting off the minefield.  Just as things look bleak, Martok arrives allowing the ship to finish it’s task. Soon the minefield is activated much to Dukat’s dismay.  Just as Dukat begins his final assault, Sisko issues the order to evacuate the station.

Leaving the station, Sisko informs those remaining behind that he has every intention to return in the future.  Worf and Dax head off to report to their new assignments and, as they part, Dax informs Worf that, as soon as they are reunited, she will marry him.

arms 10

Kira contacts the Dominion fleet inviting them aboard the station and, in her last act of defiance, initiates a complete meltdown of the stations ops systems.  Dukat will be taking over a broken and damaged station. In Quarks Bar, Nog is shocked to find Jake has remained behind.  Jake is sure that he is safe as he is the Emissary’s son.  Upon finding out, Ben is furious but acknowledges that his son is old enough to make his own choices.

The episode ends with the Dominion in control of Terok Nor with Gul Dukat back in charge of the station he once commanded.  Weyoun makes it clear that Dukat’s first priority is to disable the mine field and  Dukat realizes that Sisko has every intention to return when Dukat finds Sisko’s baseball on his desk. Meanwhile, the Defiant joins a joint Federation/Klingon fleet headed toward DS9.

Is this a ‘Good’ Episode:

Okay, that episode had a lot going on in it.   At first, I felt like things were going a little too fast, that the writers were trying to mash everything they could into a finale and the result was nothing but a jumbled mess.  However, I have to think that the frantic nature of the episode itself was done on purpose, giving not only the characters but the audience themselves a sense of urgency concerning the incoming danger of the Dominion.

arms 8

Watching it again for this review series gave me a much greater appreciation for what they were trying to accomplish.  Here is a place all of these people have poured their lives into and, just like real life, they have to move quickly in order not to die horrible deaths at the hands of the Dominion Allied Cardassian fleet. We get a sense of finality in this one with many ‘goodbye’ moments coupled with new beginnings cut short.  It is one of the most starkly realistic moments this series has given yet and that reality is far from being over.  In a nutshell, this is where the Dominion War truly begins, with the Second Battle of Deep Space Nine.

It is hard to pin down a specific moment in this episode to call out as it is filled with a ton of moments that are all there to setup events to come in the two final seasons of the series.  It is clear that Sisko has fully embraced his position as Emissary to the Bajoran People, giving them the protection they need.  The elephant in the room between Kira and Odo is finally addressed as is the acceptance that Dax and Worf will eventually be married.   We even get the much anticipated wedding between Leeta and Rom, giving this couple a great sendoff that does not stop here.    This is not just a finale, this is the beginning of many more stories to come and boy are they good ones.

Personal Log

arms 11

I distinctly remember the moment that Gul Dukat found Sisko’s baseball on his desk when this first aired.  Man, that was a crazy moment in time.  I have to say I was worried at first that the series was going to take a very dramatic turn from just taking place on a Space Station but that baseball told me everything I needed to know.  Captain Sisko was far from being done, in fact, he had every intention to take back what was his. Message received, loud and clear.

Gleanings and Cool Bits:

  • Rule of Acquisition #150 Hear all, trust nothing.
  • We learn that Moogi is indeed a term for Mother and not just a nickname for Quark and Rom’s mother.
  • Have I mentioned how much I love the character of Weyoun.  Man, he is too cool and Jeffery Combs nails that role EVERY TIME.

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Late To The Game 12/4/2019

arms 12
Hey Guys, there’s this red blob on my screen.  That’s not a good thing is it?

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