Debuting on the new Disney Plus streaming service, The Mandalorian is the first live action Star Wars television series, it takes place after the fall of the Empire but some years before The First Order, allowing for some major time to grow new characters away from the movie franchise itself. The Mandalorian is centered around a bounty hunter armed in Mandalorian armor who’s name and face so far we have not seen. We know Mandalorian armor is sprinkled throughout the Star Wars series as seen on characters such as Boba Fett and Jango Fett. Although we do not know too much about this particular line, some key details to keep in mind about the Mandalorian are their origin from the planet Mandalore, and their reputation as esteemed warriors and their armor is considered sacred, handed down by generations- fingers crossed, we’ll learn a little bit more about them throughout this riveting series.  The series is set to air eight episodes, the first of which premiered with the unveiling of Disney Plus, and has left many Star Wars fans (myself included) very impressed and excited to see where the show takes us. 

Now let’s take a look at the latest episode.

The Breakdown

And just like that, the first season of The Mandalorian concludes- leaving us with both that “warm fuzzy feeling” and the need for more, an impeccable ending to Disney +’s multi million dollar show. In the last episode, entitled Redemption the Mandalorian is battling Moff Gideon and his army of troopers in hopes that he can rescue the child who at this point has been stolen by two of the storm troopers. This episode was chock full of reveals including the Mandalorian’s real name – Din Djarin – his real face, and the entirety of his backstory showing us exactly how he came to follow The Way. While Din along with Cara Dune and Greef Karga are trapped and improvising battle strategies, IG-11 is off along with his new “nurse droid” identity to rescue the Child from the two abusive storm troopers. Who else’s blood boiled watching them punch our new favorite Star Wars character?

Regardless, IG-11 destroyed all those in the way of baby Yoda’s safety- returning him to the rest of the group and taking out a good portion of the storm troopers. Our hearts stopped as we watched Baby Yoda use the force to rescue the group upon his arrival- and they melted at the sight of Din feeling so helpless that he caved to finally removing his helmet after all this time to allow none other than a droid to save his life. While the group uses underground tunnels to escape, they run into the Armorer who grants Mando not only his official Signet but (finally) a jet pack! She also explains that she recognizes the Child to be a Jedi, and clarifies that Din is the Child’s father until he is reunited with his own kind. At the end of the episode, IG-11 sacrifices himself in favor of baby Yoda’s safety, Cara Dune and Greef Karga remain on the planet, Mando flies off with his baby, and we are left knowing Moff Gideon lives.

Expectations for Season 2

Director Jon Favreau announced that season two will be coming in Fall 2020, and we can expect merchandise for the show in Spring 2020 (did someone say official baby Yoda plush?) but what can we expect to see in season two? Allow me to list a few things we still are unsure of : 1) What the heck was Moff Gideon holding at the end of this episode- some strange light saber type sword (could it be a Darksaber)? And isn’t he supposed to be dead? What’s this business about the Night of a Thousand Tears? 2) Where did baby Yoda come from and how powerful is the Child capable of becoming if he’s able to stop an incinerator? What even is his species and are they all force sensitive? 3) Who was the person at the end of episode five (Gunslinger)? 4) Will we be seeing Luke, Leia, or Han at some point next season- seeing as they are still supposed to be alive?

The best part about this show, is that they can do just about anything they want with it. The time period they picked is an interesting one because so many things are going on between the fall of the Empire and before The First Order. Seeing as this is arguably the best thing that’s happened to Star Wars in the last couple of years, where they decide to go next is could be reliant on old characters, or bold new ones such as the baby Yoda they all sprung onto us. There are so many questions they’ve left open ended, leaving us begging for explanations and endless doors that they could open for the Star Wars universe.

Season 1 Closing Remarks

We’ve laughed (a little odd for Star Wars), cried, screamed at the screen (was that just me?), and sat on the edge of our seats watching this thrilling show. While at first I was a little concerned to see what Disney would do with this Star Wars television attempt- seeing as I wasn’t always entirely “impressed” with their latest films- I can’t say that I have ever been more pleased with a Star Wars tale. This show really encompassed just about everything Star Wars was meant to be, from the Western vibes, to the plot twists and unforeseen battle strategies, to the species and missions, it touched on a little bit of everything from Star Wars. The inclusion of so many Easter Eggs undoubtedly added to the depth of the show, and so did the time period is was carefully placed in. The brief cameos we saw and the familiar settings in the episodes gave us the sense of familiarity necessary to keep the episodes in line with the time frame, and I don’t think there was anything more impressive than their ability to maintain these distinct links to the rest of the Star Wars universe.

In other words, bravo Disney and bravo Mr. Favreau for reminding us of our love for Star Wars, both old and the new.

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Late to The Game 12/31/19

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