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As the title indicates, this is an episode about being violated.  Whether it is physical, mental or otherwise, this is a serious subject matter that isn’t to be taken lightly.  So without further adieu, the episode that originally aired on February 3, 1992,  this is Violations.

The Episode:

Stardate 45429.3 Violations

A delegation of telepathic historians arrive on the Enterprise and soon members of the crew begin to have terrible hallucinations.  It is soon determined that someone or something is attacking the crew and their memories.

The Breakdown:

violations 2

The episode opens with Keiko remembering a moment from her past.  As a Ullian historian, Tarmin, assists her, she remembers a key moment from her childhood about her grandmother that she had forgotten.   After she thanks the man for his assistance he offers others a chance to remember things from their past,  noting that Dr. Crusher has a particular memory of a first kiss.   His son reminds him that they are not allowed to probe others without permission.

violations 1

At dinner that night, the delegation offers to help others in the crew to access their repressed or forgotten memories.  Many of the crew turn down the offer all the while Tarmin, presses the matter but no one is interested. Later that night, after encountering Tarmin’s son, Jev,  Troi begins having vivid hallucinations about a violent sexual encounter with Riker aboard the Enterprise.  When things get intense in her memories, Jev appears in the place of Riker.   Troi falls into a deep coma soon after.  Soon other crew members begin having similar experiences.  After encountering Jev, Riker soon has a violent memory and is also found unconscious.

violations 4

Worf believes that the Ullians are responsible and Crusher thinks there could be something to this.  They question the delegation and they agree to an examination.   Crusher indicates that she will start the exam in the morning and proceeds to scan Keiko, the only person on board who has had a voluntary scan from one of the Ullians. That night, Crusher experiences the horrible memories of viewing her late husband’s body with a younger Picard.  The next morning she too is found in a coma by LaForge and Data.

Troi regains consciousness and has no memory of the events that caused her coma.  When Picard asks the Ullians to remain in their quarters, they get upset.  They request to be allowed to do a memory probe on Troi and Picard agrees only if Troi is willing to allow it.  She agrees and Jev conducts the probe but inserts his father into the memory, masking the fact that it was Jev himself who violated her.  Meanwhile, Data and LaForge are conducting their own investigations and determine that there were other mysterious comas and the only one who links with these events is Jev himself.

violations 6

Jev volunteers to have Tarmin arrested if Picard and Troi wish to press charges.   He visits Troi and she notices that there is something odd about Jev and his actions. She probes him, asking if he wants to talk and he attacks her again. She fights back and is saved when Worf and Data arrive to arrest Jev due to their discoveries.

Tarmin indicates that this form of rape has not been recorded in over 300 years and he is devastated that it is his son that has committed this crime.   Tarmin offers any assistance he can.

Is this a ‘Good’ Episode:

Simply put, this is an episode about Rape and the ramifications that it has.   While it does a good job in showing the act itself in context of a mental rape, it would have been better with a follow up in how the characters themselves deal with the violations.  As an episode it is solid fair that only ends up telling half of the story when it comes to the subject matter at hand.   Unfortunately this event does not appear to have any long term effects on the violated crew members, Troi, Crusher and Riker, as they never really mention this or show any after effects as the series progresses.  Even when Troi faces a very similar attack in the film Star Trek Nemesis, nothing of these events are referenced or even acknowledged.   Had these events been drawn out as a subplot over the course of several episodes, it probably would have served the subject matter better.

All in all, good story; far too tidy a cleanup at the end. Then again, Star Trek can’t always bat 1000.

Gleanings and Cool Bits:

violations 3

Data is confused by the fact humans can not select memories to instantly remember.  To him, the human mind has much of the same functions as his positronic net.  To him, for humans to be unable to instantly access memories somewhat limiting.

We learn that, despite their romantic history, the reason Troi and Riker are not a couple is by Troi’s request.  She feels that it would be improper with them serving on the same ship.

In this one we also learn a little more about Picard and Crusher’s relationship as he was present when she went to view Jack Crusher’s body.   It is worth noting that Picard has hair in this memory.

We never see nor hear from the Ullians again although they would have been an interesting species to bring back in later series.

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Late To The Game 3/14/2020 (Originally published 9/14/2018)


violations 8
Why is his head so big?   Maybe it’s the hair-piece.


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