There are certain songs that just resonate with you. Whether that song recreates a moment in time or is just one that you really like, these songs are the songs that helped create the person you are and were a constant companion in the journey called life.

Today we continue exploring those songs in my life and what they mean to me.   This is Those Certain Songs. Today’s song, Take My Photograph.

The Song:

Title: Take My Photograph

Artist: Beta Radio

Album: Colony of Bees

The Lyrics:

take my photograph my portrait
don’t hang it on a wall for me
give it up to my mother
or to my colony of bees
on a ceremony Sunday
sitting in cemetery trees
it is all vanity yet i know
there is a little light i still see
oh i am arranged
oh i am arranging
oh i am arranging you to be
to be changed
i am arranged
oh i am arranging
oh i am arranging you to be
to be changed
touch my head upon the water
so in light it will now show
lay my hand down on the altar
for inside a sickness grows
i am wasted on the waiting
is it right that i would know?
lay your hand down on me a term
in the garden that you’ve sown
oh i am arranged
oh i am arranging
oh i am arranging you to be
to be changed
i am arranged
oh i am arranging
oh i am arranging you to be
to be changed
to be changed
take me sparrow
don’t hang it on the wall for me
i’m laid in narrow
i’m waiting on my colony

What it means to me:

Have you every found a song that you simply could not get enough of?  That there was something about it that you had to listen to over and over again so that you had every note and word firmly etched in your head? When you were there, you still needed to listen to it more, to see if there was something deeper in the song that you may have missed? When I first heard this song, this is exactly what happened.

Somehow this album came across my plate and I decided to give it a try. I am unsure if it was a friend of some random fluke that caused it to appear, but pulling up the album on Spotify I was immediately engrossed.  Every song on the album resonated with me but Take My Photograph really hit all the right notes (pun intended).

Here was a song that felt perfectly balanced both lyrically and instrumentally.  It many ways, to my ears, it is a perfect song with not too much of any single sound creating a haunting melody that is not blatantly about a single subject but can be interpreted to be about just about anything.

To me, the song is about finding your place in life.  In the song, Singer songwriters Ben Mabry and Brent Holloman talk about how the subject is arranging things and asking people to not give him anything, but provide those things to his colony of bees.  I don’t think he is talking about a real colony of insects but instead, his people.   He is offering himself to those he belongs to and, in this, accepting who he is in the greater scheme of things.

Regardless of it’s deeper meaning, this is a gorgeous song that really just resonates with me on an auditory level.  It evokes an unexplainable sense of peace in me that I find incredible.  That is why it is one of Those Certain Songs.

Late to the Game 3/21/2020

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