In the penultimate episode of Deep Space Nine things finally come to a head. With new ships, new jobs and new struggles, originally broadcast on May 26,1999 this is The Dogs of War.

The Episode:

Station Log Stardate 52861.3 Dogs of War

After receiving a new ship, Captain Sisko and crew prepare for the final battle with the Dominion. Meanwhile Kira and her crew face an ambush while Quark gets some interesting news.

The Breakdown:

Story A: Revolutionary Warriors

dogs 3

Approaching Cardassia in their newly acquired ship, Damar takes a risk with several of his allies giving him additional troops. As soon as they beam down, they discover that Gul Revok has betrayed them resulting in the destruction of their ship. Now Kira, Damar and Garak find themselves stranded them on Cardassia Prime deep within enemy lines.

Using his connections, Garak finds a place for the team to hide which happens to be his childhood home. Soon the three are shocked to see that Weyoun has announced the deaths of Damar, Garak and Kira. Also announcing the destruction of the rebel bases, it seems that the Cardassian resistance has been crushed before it even gained a proper foothold. Kira, determined to find a way off Cardassia, begins preparing their next strike against the Dominion but finds her companions less than enthusiastic.

With moral down, the trio are shocked to learn that the people of Cardassia still believe that Damar is alive and planning his next attack. It seems Damar has become an icon to the Cardassian people in his attempt to retake Cardassia and Kira sees this as a chance to rally the people of Cardassia themselves. Kira encourages Damar to make his presence known so that the people of Cardassia begin a revolution to ultimately overthrow the Dominion.

dogs 11

Meanwhile, The Female shapeshifter meets the latest Cardassian Legate known as Broca and promptly informs her staff that the Dominion is pulling back to reinforce their perimeter and focus their efforts on ship building and new troops in the hopes that the Federation will fall back as well. Once they have redoubled their efforts, she plans to launch the attack of attacks in a final attempt to destroy her enemies once and for all. As the enemy make their plans, the trio launch their first attack on the Jem’Hadar, but run into issues when Garak is unexpectedly stopped by Jem’Hadar Guards. Damar reveals himself to save Garak creating a distraction that results in the destruction of the Jem’Hadar outpost. Taking the opportunity to encourage the people of Cardassia to fight back, Damar speaks to the citizens and the revolution begins.

Story B: News of the New Nagus

dogs 6

Rom encourages Dabo girls Leeta and M’Prella to demand better wages but when they do Quark is interrupted by a call from the Grand Nagus. To Quarks surprise Grand Nagus Zek informs Quark that he is retiring and heading to DS9 to name Quark as his successor. Soon Quark relishes in his upcoming fortune and begins planning his ascension to the highest honor in the land. His celebration is interrupted by none other than Liquidator Brunt who immediately prostrates himself before Quark hoping to gain favor with the new Nagus.

As Brunt attempts to gain a new position in Quark’s new Empire, Quark learns that Grand Nagus Zek has made some rather startling changes to the Ferengi way of life. Determined to reform the reforms Quark is shocked to learn that there is now a Congress installed that limit his powers as Nagus.

Disgusted in the news about the new Ferengi Government, Quark accepts an offer on the bar from his brother Rom. Realizing that he just sold the bar without haggling, Quark realizes that he too has gone soft and has been infected by the very ‘disease’ that has infected Feringinar. Quark threatens to turn down the job if Grand Nagus Zek forces him to keep the new government in place.

dogs 13

Grand Nagus Zek arrives in the bar to pass his throne to his successor and Quark steps up to decline the job. Shocked, Zek and Moogie inform Quark that it wasn’t him they wanted to take the throne but his brother Rom. It seems that Rom is the new leader that Feringinar needs and Rom graciously accepts his new position. Quark, disgusted in the revelation, decides that Ferengi culture is dead and he plans to keep his bar a place where the Ferenginar of old still exists. Rom graciously gives the bar back to Quark at no charge. Now retired, Zek and Moogie head off to their appointment on Risa while Quark goes back to work.

Story C: Cures, relationships and other complications

dogs 2

Enhanced with the latest anti-Breen weapon technology Ben Sisko welcomes a new ship (the USS San Paulo) from Admiral Ross that is soon officially renamed USS Defiant in honor of the original ship. As the crew get used to their new ship, Julian and Ezri try to act as if they have no interest in one another.

Julian releases Odo from the infirmary informing the Constable of the source of the virus. Dismayed at the revelation, Odo takes his frustrations to Sisko but learns that the Federation Council has voted against saving the Founders for the sake of the war. Sisko apologizes to Odo asking his security chief to give his word that Odo will not take matters into his own hands. Odo reluctantly agrees leaving Sisko with something to think about.

In the replimat, Julian and Ezri finally find a moment to discuss the matter of their relationship. Realizing that they have each been playing games afraid to jeopardize their friendship the two agree to be friends. This doesn’t last long, however, as they soon realize that they are indeed in love with one another.

dogs 15

Learning that the Dominion has withdrawn into Cardassian space, the unified front against them plan their next move. Chancellor Martok, Admiral Ross, Captain Sisko and even Romulan Sub Commander Velal agree that the time to attack is now.

With the upcoming battle looming, Sisko returns to his quarters to learn that his new wife, Kasidy, is pregnant. She is clearly worried as she keeps thinking about the warning from the Prophets. All she can think about is that something will happen to their child but Ben assures her that nothing is going to happen to any of them. It is clear though, that he is just as concerned as she is.

Is this a ‘Good’ Episode:

There is a lot to unpack here so lets start with the Cardassian front.

Not only did things look bleak from the start but for a bit there it seemed that the revolution was done before it even began. With a massive betrayal, newcomer Legate Broca did the one thing the Dominion could never do, destroy the entire Cardassian Resistance. With their numbers down to only three it really seemed hopeless but this is not the story of the Dominion domination of the Alpha quadrant so of course you knew things would turn around. And turn around they did.

dogs 9

Using her revolutionary background Kira realizes that their efforts were not only admired by the Cardassian people but could be the basis to inspire the Cardassian people to unite against the Dominion. Always having been the rulers and never having been the ruled, all the citizens of Cardassia need are a push in the right direction. While it is certainly off to a great start, lets hope this final act of defiance is enough to change the tide of the Dominion rule. (we all know it will be but still, it’s fun to pretend….)

I love that we get a chance to see Kira stepping back after giving the inspiration to Damar to free the people of Cardassia in a way only she could inspire. This development from revolutionary against Cardassian rule of Bajor to a revolutionary for a Cardassia free of the Dominion is an amazing journey and, if you go back and add up the pieces, it seems that this is what she was meant to do all along. From her time fighting on Bajor to her growth under The Emissary himself, Kira has become so much more than a simple guerrilla fighter and honestly could very will be Kai one day. I mean, freeing an entire people not once but twice sure looks good on anyone’s resume.

dogs 14

The ongoing Ferengi drama comes to an end with what is really a most satisfying conclusion. From the start we got to see the evolution of not only Quark but Ferengi culture as a whole through the actions of our intrepid…heroes? From the initial petty greed to the first Ferengi in Star Fleet, this bunch of money loving people have really grown as a group. One that was growing the whole time but not really noticed was that of Rom.

dogs 7

From the start, Rom was set up as just the dumb brother. Interestingly his first appearance was not quite the same giving me the idea that he had been playing the long game all along (even though it was really just a matter of finding his character). For so long Rom has been Quarks ‘lesser’ brother but, in fact, he was really a great representation of the potential future of Ferenginar. Sure he was not the best business man but he was always a great person and, no matter how bad things got, found some way to turn things around. With a successful son in Star Fleet and a job as an engineer, the only next logical step would be for him to become the ruler of a new (and improved?) Ferengi people, something that ironically his own mother set in motion several seasons ago. Again, I have to wonder if he and Ishka hadn’t been planning this all along knowing that Quark would never go for a plan from a Feeemale. Sorry Quark, it was just not meant for you. That being said, Quarks bar just wouldn’t be the same without him.

The remainder of the episode was a great mix of people finally realizing their love for one another, a certain shapeshifter beginning to realize his place in the universe and of course, the Joint Anti-Dominion Front coming to the concision that it is now the time to strike. Since they are minor but important bits I will drop my comments in the Gleanings and cool bits section of this review.

WOW, what a way to set up the finale to the series. The table has been set and now all that has to be done is the feast. Only one more episode left. I have to say, I am sad to see this end but of course, we have another quadrant to explore don’t we?

Gleanings and Cool Bits:

dogs 12

    • For Ezri and Julian, it was really a matter of time wasn’t it? I mean, I am thankful they didn’t leave that ‘will they/won’t they’ story hanging. Frankly I think they are great together and I would hope they manage to make things work.
    • Odo is facing some pretty serious revelations this episode when he finds out that his very allies are responsible for the potential death of his people. You know this will not end well especially with Kira not being there to remind him of what he has outside of his people.
    • Then we have the upcoming joint offensive against The Dominion. WOW, all I can say is this is going to be epic.

dogs 18

    • Of course we have the fact that Ben and Kasidy are pregnant. I mean, how can that be a bad thing right? Oh…yeah…those pesky Prophets and their warning to Ben about everything ending in sadness. oh boy.
    • So, the new Defiant. Since the original was NX-74205 would the new one be NCC-74205 or NX-74205-A or even NCC-74205?
    • We also have to give props to Jeffery Combs for portraying two roles in this one. I mean, seriously the makeup this guy had to have endured to pull this off had to have been insane on it’s own. I have to wonder if this was the first time an actor played two aliens in the same episode.
    • I also love that the penultimate episode was directed by Sisko himself, Avery Brooks. What a way to wrap things up!

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Late To The Game 3/30/2020

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Whatta ya mean this is my last appearance on the show?! I just got used to this gig!

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