Years ago I wrote a story inspired by my in-laws dog and a walk down an old dirt road, I have been polishing this tale for years, refining it and, occasionally, submitting it for publishing. If you have been reading my blog for a while, you may remember an earlier version of this tale that has since been removed from the site. While the core of the story remains the same, there have been a few updates and edits that, to me make the tale that much better. Plus, this time, it has some art!

You see a couple years back I was pleasantly surprised when my tale went up for consideration for a horror anthology. Thrilled at the opportunity, I reached out to a friend in the comic community to create some art to submit with my work. Long story short, the tale was never published and the art never seen by anyone but myself an a handful of folks.

Seeing that it is unlikely to ever see the light of day in it’s finished form, I figured this would be a terrific time to re-released this tale as a present to you. Written under the name JML Parker and with art by Travis Bundy, I present Butterscotch: A Tale. Feel free to download and enjoy, free of charge. (click the photo to download the pdf)

Please remember, this is an original work and I do ask that it not be reprinted in part or whole without my express permission. All Rights Reserved.

If you don’t like getting things for free and you want to kick in some spare change to help keep this site up and running, please feel free contribute. Not required but much appreciated.

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