I don’t normally do this on this blog but today I need to call your attention to one of the coolest and most talented people I know. That guy is @dreamforgernick and this is your chance to not only get to know him but also help him out a little.

You see, Nick is a graphic artist who has done a ton of amazing work. You might even have some of it in your home right now without even realizing it. No, seriously, not only is he an amazing artist but he has designed some really awesome packaging and product for people that you might actually own. Like this puzzle….I mean, check it out.


Cool huh? Do you want to know what else he designed? Look at the top of this web site at my rad cover image on my main page and my really bad ass logo, yeah, the Late to the Game site branding is all done by the Artist of the Gods himself, Nick Freakin Kremenek.

Now, I have known Nick for many years, even had the pleasure to work beside him for a time so it is important for me to get him some much needed exposure. As we all know, this pandemic has been hard on a lot of us, especially those in the arts. Nick would usually go to trade shows like SDCC and the like to sell his original pieces in person but sadly, well, that kind of thing is on hold. So, not being one to disappear into the darkness, Nick set up an amazing shop and even a Patreon for people to still get cool art. Right now he is designing some of the most incredible art prints, challenge coins, lapel pins and more that are all available via his shop. To make it easy for you just click here and you will get a chance to check out some truly incredible stuff. You like Firefly? He’s got you covered. You like Witcher, yeah he’s got that too. You like Star Trek, Harry Potter, freakin Willy Wonka? Yeah, he’s got you covered! The guy literally does it all.

dream forger 3
Imagine getting one of these EVERY MONTH. Yeah, bad ass!

He is also doing something really special. If you support his Patreon at the benefactor level you will get a really rad post card every month depicting a new piece of art from every corner of geekdom. I mean, who doesn’t like getting things in the mail right? Especially right now, getting the joy of a geeky piece of art after a crappy week is pretty dope.

Now, if you have been following my blog, you know I have never asked for anything and provide my reviews and such for fun. So, if you have a moment, do me a favor and check this guy out, maybe buy something, maybe support his patreon. He is one of the best and well worth your support, heck, he might even be willing to deck your site out with a rad design…

Anyhow, back to our regularly scheduled programming….thanks for at least checking him out.

oh and be sure to follow him on Facebook and Twitter too.

Late To The Game 8/15/2020

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