Finding Answers through PopCulture: The Resilience of mankind against insurmountable odds. (or how to be a hero in the time of Covid-19) 

In our new reality we are faced with one of the biggest threats we have seen in modern times. This new Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) is hitting us all with a ferocity the likes very few of us have ever seen and every day it feels like being on the bridge of the Enterprise waiting for the next damage report to come in. While it is scary and uncertainty abounds, is in times like this that I can only fall back on my pop culture knowledge, specifically that of horror and science fiction.

Star Trek: Primed for it’s biggest comeback yet.

Exploring how Star Trek could make a comeback that could even rival that of the MCU.

Editorial: The Jaded Countenance of Geek Culture

I find myself bemused by the sense of entitlement and ownership we geeks have toward our media in this day and age. From how beloved literary characters are portrayed on the screen to how a popular television series ends, we have become so used to this pandering to geek culture that any perceived miss-step has … Continue reading Editorial: The Jaded Countenance of Geek Culture