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Star Trek borrows from a classic horror trope and Troi gets a promotion in today’s episode.  Originally airing on February 14, 1994,  this is Thine Own Self.

The Episode:

Stardate 47611.2 Thine Own Self

Data develops amnesia after attempting to recover a crashed probe on a planet that has a primitive society living on it.

The Breakdown:

Story A: Data’s Journey

Thine Own 1

Doctor Crusher attempts to contact Commander Data to inform him that they will be delayed in his recovery after his mission.  Little do they know that Data has had an accident and finds himself in a nearby village, lost and unable to communicate.

After attempting to communicate with the damaged android, the town magistrate, Garvin, discovers that this stranger is not aware of who he is.  Although Data is carrying a box labeled Radioactive, he is not aware of what he has or why.  Garvin begins to investigate the situation.  He takes Data to his home where the local Doctor determines that he is an Ice-Man from the mountains.

Thine Own 2

After naming him Jayden, Data accompanies Garvin to the market to see if the local metal-smith can identify the fragments in the box labeled Radioactive.  While there, Data manages to save a young man from a grave injury using his great strength. This surprises everyone around him and the local Doctor indicates that this is pretty normal for Jayden’s people.  That night Garvin begins to get feel ill.

The next day Data goes to school with Garvin’s daughter and learns their primitive ways of  knowledge.  Soon Garvin becomes even more ill and begins to exhibit signs of radiation poisoning.  The Doctor tried to do what she can but has never seen such an affliction.  Data takes it upon himself to begin finding a solution for Garvin’s illness. While in the village gathering supplies, Data discovers that the illness has spread and some of the villagers blame him.

Thine Own 5

Data begins to study the situation and is determined to find a common connection between those that are ill.  The local Doctor indicates that he may be the cause of this illness but he points out that she has not been affected.  Data discovers that the metal he brought with him could be harming the people of the village.  He now knows that he must reclaim the metal that was sold so that they can prevent any further damage.   The Doctor leaves to recover the metals and, while she is away, several of the town folk attack him and expose his nature as an android.  The townsfolk begin to search for Jayden and are determined to kill the thing that is causing the illness in their village.

Thine Own 7

Although being pursued, Data continues his research for a cure and finds a way to save the village.  That night he attempts to put his cure in the villages central water source but is caught in the act.  In his last attempt to save the people, he allows himself to be killed just as he is pouring the solution into the water supply.

Later, Garvin’s Daughter, Gia encounters Riker and Crusher disguised as Barkonians.  They discover that Data has been killed and buried in the town square.  They beam his body away and repair Commander Data. He indicates that he has no memory of his time on the planet.

Thine Own 8

Story B: Commander Troi gets a promotion.


No, really.  That’s the entire subplot.  Troi gets a promotion.  What, did you think it would involve more of a story.  Nope.  She gets a promotion. Yay!



Is this a ‘Good’ Episode:

Thine Own 6

This is a decent one but ultimately what I would consider a forgettable episode overall.  It is filler and nothing more.

The story itself is one that appears to be very much inspired by Frankenstein or any number of classic horror films.  Strange man appears, bad things happen, villagers act crazy, villagers kill strange man, strange man was actually trying to save them.  It’s a trope and while done fairly well here overall it is not very memorable story line. Also, for a Data episode, it’s pretty weak.

Gleanings and Cool Bits:

There is a slight reference to the Kobayashi Maru in Troi’s attempt at a promotion but not much else.

We never see nor hear from the Barkonians again.

Oh, did I mention Troi got promoted?

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Late To The Game 9/26/2020 (Originally published 1/23/2019)

Thine Own 3
‘We’re not safe until he’s dead
He’ll come stalking us at night
Set to sacrifice our children to his monstrous appetite
He’ll wreak havoc on our village if we let him wander free
So it’s time to take some action, boys
It’s time to follow me… KILL THE BEAST!’

Special Thanks to Memory Alpha as they are one of the best sources for details on Star Trek information available.  Although I have a pretty deep knowledge on the subject, they have proven invaluable as a regular resource.

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