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Coming of age, rites of ascension, becoming an adult. This is something every child must face eventually.  In the episode that originally aired on April 23,1994, Alexander faces that very thing.  This is Firstborn.

The Episode:

Stardate 47779.4 Firstborn

Alexander must face his first Rite of Ascension but it is soon clear that Worf’s son may not be ready.  A mysterious family friend appears and attempts to guide the young Klingon into his coming of age ceremony.

The Breakdown:

Firstborn 1

Worf is dealing with his son growing up and learning to be a Klingon. However, much to Worf’s dismay, Alexander  makes it clear that he isn’t interested in the traditions of his Klingon Heritage.

The Enterprise has some down time between missions and, as they will be near a Klingon colony, Worf is granted permission to visit the colony so that Alexander may participate in the celebration of Kot’baval.  While there, Alexander gets wrapped up into the events and participates in a ritual fight with the legendary tyrant, Molor.  It prides his father to see him so wrapped up into the stories of Kahless and Molor.  Soon his son is excited to learn more about the events and, just as they are wrapping up for the day, they are attacked by a group of Klingon Mercenaries.  Another Klingon steps in and saves the day just as the others look to be winning.  The other Klingon identifies himself as a gin’tak to the House of Mogh and Worf sees that he is to be trusted.

Firstborn 4

On the ship, K’mtar informs Riker and Worf that the Duras Sisters may be responsible for the attack and that the attack must be avenged.  Riker allows K’mtar a place on the ship while they continue their journey in order to discover the location of Lursa and B’Etor of the Duras Family.  In Worfs quarters, K’mtar and Worf discuss Alexander and his training as a Klingon.   K’mtar informs Worf that Kurn, Worf’s brother, wants K’mtar to watch out for the boy as Kurn has no heir of his own.  K’mtar volunteers to help train Alexander and Worf accepts.

Firstborn 8

The next morning Riker contacts DS9 and convinces Quark to divulge information about the Duras sisters as a payment for money that Quark owes Riker.  He informs them that the Duras Sisters traveled to the Kalla System and the Enterprise gets underway to find Lursa and B’Etor.  While they are underway, K’mtar creates a holodeck program to allow Alexander to participate in the fight his father had been in the previous night.   Although Alexander does well with the fight, he refuses to kill the enemy combatant.  This infuriates K’mtar and frustrates Worf as it appears his son is a coward.

Soon they arrive at the Kalla System where they find signs of a mining expedition.  Beaming down with an away team, Worf, Data and LaForge encounter a man named Gorta. Gorta, in a trade, assists the Enterprise in finding where the Duras Sisters have fled to. Apparently they are heading to the Ufandi System.

Firstborn 6

Later, K’mtar apologizes to Worf for his actions on the holodeck.  K’mtar is concerned that Alexander is far behind in his skills and suggests that Worfs son be sent to the Klingon School on Ogat.  K’mtar is furious when Worf refuses and suggests that he removes Alexander from Worfs custody in order to do what is best for the boy.  Later K’mtar teaches Alexander the legend of Kahless and Morath.  Alexander questions the legends and doesn’t seem to grasp the meanings behind the legends.  This makes K’mtar even more upset and, when Alexander realizes that this man is just like his Father Worf, the boy leaves, knowing he wont get through to his new friend.

Firstborn 7

Riker catches up to a ship carrying the same ore that was taken from the mining site.  Soon Riker identifies a cloaked ship containing Lursa and B’Etor.   Riker confronts the sisters about the assassination attempt but they deny any involvement. After K’mtar leaves to send a communication to Kurn on the homeworld,  The sisters are surprised to learn that a dagger with their crest is on the dagger but when they look closer they see a symbol that represents Lursa’s son, something that is impossible as Lursa is only recently pregnant.

Firstborn 9

K’Mtar arrives in Worfs quarters with the intention of killing Alexander.  Just as he lowers the disrupter, Worf tackles him and, just as Worf is about to kill this man, K’mtar tells worf that he is Worf’s son, Alexander.   Disbelieving, Worf demands proof and asks this man what his mother’s last words were.  Old Alexander tells Worf and convinces him of the truth.  It appears that Alexander has traveled back in time to fix his future.  Alexander reveals that he is at fault for his Father’s death in the future and has never gotten over it.  He tells Worf that Alexander never became a warrior, instead he became a diplomat.  His naivete only causes the death of his father, Worf and he has lived with the pain of this loss for his entire life.

Worf tells his son that Alexander must stay true to who he is and that the struggle for Peace is a worthy struggle.  Worf thanks old Alexander for the glimpse into his sons future.  The two embrace and Old Alexander leaves the ship.   Later, Worf finds his son training on the holodeck waiting for K’mtar.  Worf tells his son that there will always be time for training, but for now they will do something else.

Is this a ‘Good’ Episode:

Firstborn 3

This is a great glimpse into the future of Alexander and Worf.   Knowing the difficult time Worf has had with his son not wanting to be Klingon, the only way for Worf to see the real Alexander is for his son to grow up and tell show him the truth. While it is a bitter truth, it is important for Worf as he can finally start to accept who and what his son is, even if he is not destined to be a warrior.  This is further explored on DS9 when Alexander is older, but for now, the two begin to rekindle their relationship.

I really liked the cameo for DS9 in this one as well.  Quark getting a few moments with Riker via the comm was a classic moment that really helps make the two series feel like part of the same universe.  It always excited me to see those kinds of connections and late, when Worf actually joins the DS9 crew, it is something magical, but I am getting way ahead of myself there. I only wish we had had more crossovers between the two shows.  I imagine a great two-parter that had both crews working together would have been a wonderful way to get more STNG people to watch DS9, but sadly that never was to be.

Overall, this was a fun episode that nicely wrapped up the Worf/Alexander story-line for STNG.  Like most series, these last few episodes are kind of, send offs for tertiary characters.  Last episode we had the unnecessary end to Wesley’s story and now it was Alexander’s turn.

Gleanings and Cool Bits:

This is the last time we see Lursa and B’Etor on the series.  The next time will be on the feature film, Star Trek Generations.

This is the last time we see Alexander until much later on Deep Space Nine.

One thing that really bothered me is that Alexander seemed to vanish after the season six episode A Fistful of Datas.  This episode heavily implies that Alexander has been there this whole time but that really doesn’t make sense with everything Worf has done in the meantime.  Once again, it seems Worf is a deadbeat father, pawning his son off whenever it was convenient.  No wonder Alexander never becomes a warrior, his dad never had time for him!

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Late To The Game 10/11/2020 (Originally published 2/4/2019)

Firstborn 2
Klingon Ren-faire is in full swing.

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