Well, so far so good.  With two really solid episodes leading into the third season of this rather unbalanced series, Season Three looks more and more promising as it continues.  While we have already passed two episodes, it is interesting to note that we haven’t really seen much in the line of a massive overarching plot yet, outside of ‘fix the Federation’ the first two episodes merely setup a whole new future which honestly, is not a bad thing.

So here we are with the third instalment where, after being given a brief recap of what Burnham has been up to for the past year, we see her reunited with her crew aboard the USS Discovery.  Hugs all around and many many tears then we get to the meat of the story, which happens to be directed by Trek alum Johnathan Frakes, and dare I say it, it’s yet another prety solid one.

Is it a ‘Good’ Episode? (SOME SPOILERS HERE)

People of Earth is very much about change.  The change of the future, the change in the Discovery crew and especially, the change in Burnham herself.  We already know a ton about the changes in the future itself with the Burn destroying all of Dilithium but we also learn that, not only was all Dilithium destroyed but also any starship that was generating a warp field at the time.  We also learn that Earth itself has changed massively, something I won’t spoil for you here, but things have certainly changed on the blue marble since the time Discovery left the past.

One key change to the series is the command of Discovery itself.  Initially it was understood that either Burnham or Saru would take command once the ship arrived in the future.  Instead, Burnham threw Saru for a loop and, after the year of being off Discovery, insisted Saru take command.  This single moment is significant as, when we first met the two, they were quite at odds with one another.  Character growth level: Significant!

While much of this episode is about change, a massive part of the plot is also about acceptance and reconciliation.  Earth has indeed made some massive shifts since the disappearance of Star Fleet and the people there seem to have lost a bit of their faith (of the heart?) in their fellow interstellar neighbors.  This faith is somewhat restored through an act by Discovery but I have a feeling that this will be revisited again.

One very fun addition is the introduction of teen Human/Trill hybrid Adria played by Blu del Barrio.  Adria is a human who happens to have a trill symbiote in them that might just have some much needed information for the cure of Discovery.  The thing is, they can’t quite access their memories. I really look forward to this character’s addition to the crew.

Overall, this was a fun episode with one major flaw, I feel like they are really rushing the story without really getting anywhere even after three episodes.  So far we have rushed through a year of Burnham’s life searching for Discovery, Discovery’s acclimation of being in the future and we learn what has become of Earth all in the span of three episodes. While the episodes are stunning and fun, they feel like they are covering almost too much ground in too short of time to really be as meaningful as they should be.  I hope the payoff is worth it, as I would hate to blindly rush such a heartfelt and gorgeous season.  

Gleanings, Questions and cool bits: (serious spoilers here)

  • So The Federation is no longer on Earth, in fact, Earth pretty much kicked them off after the Burn as it made Earth a target.  huh. That’s problematic.  I have a feeling that Discovery is going to discover that the Federation wasn’t the ‘good guy’ anymore and they are going to have to create something new. The funny thing is, San Fran doesn’t look much different than it did in the 24th century.  I guess they kinda just stopped after the events of Picard.  
  • The twist that the raiders are actually humans was pretty predictable, but then again, like I said, this season is a bit rushed.
  • Cool sub-reference to Riker’s time with a symbiote even though it is never mentioned directly.  Keep in mind, Discovery has ZERO knowledge of the past 900 years…just wait until they find out Romulans and Vulcans are related!
  • The one person that hasn’t changed? Mirror Universe Georgiou. She is going to be a problem, just not sure how yet.
  • Book leaves the ship.  I really expected him to stay around longer…I imagine he will be back.
  • I have to call out actor Doug Jones’ subtle movements in the series. Check out this walk he has as he plays Saru.  The dudes movements never cease to amaze me. I mean, watch those arms!
Discovery GIF

As Always, a few snap shots of next weeks episode below!

until then,

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Late To The Game 10/15/2020

Special Thanks to Memory Alpha as they are one of the best sources for details on Star Trek information available.  Although I have a pretty deep knowledge on the subject, they have proven invaluable as a regular resource.

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One thought on “Scifi TV Review: Star Trek Discovery Season Three Episode Three: People of Earth

  1. You know…the flaw you mentioned is the one thing that I was wondering about as well. Things seem to go….really fast. I have yet zero idea where so far things are going. That said, it still was a fun episode, and like you I like the addition of the Adria character. It was fun to learn she was a Trill, and I guess we are going to find out more about her in the upcoming episodes. Overall so far things are fine, and I look forward to the rest of the season!😀

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