Alone. Seven is alone. Originally broadcast on May 13, 1998 this is One.

The Episode:

Captain’s Log Stardate 51929.3 One

Seven of Nine is forced to be alone with only the Doctor as the rest crew are protected in suspended animation.  However….are they really alone?

The Story:

one 1

After a miserable failure in her Social Skills class with The Doctor, the crew encounter a deadly nebula that has such intense radiation that ity killed one officer while many others are severely wounded with burns.   Seven appears to be the only one unaffected and, after Janeway reverses course it is clear they have to either find another way to get through it or go around taking them a year instead of only a month.

Knowing that passing through the nebula unprotected will kill the crew, Janeway speaks to the Doctor who informs the captain that he can place them all in stasis for the duration of the trip with Seven monitoring their life signs through the journey. The crew decide it is the best course of action and, after everyone goes into Stasis, Seven and the Doctor are effectively alone.

one 2

At first nothing happens, the Doctor and Seven practice her social classes and, just as they begin to get on each other nerves, the ship begins to have issues.  Soon the warp core is threatened as the radiation is beginning to have a negative affect on the bio-neural gel packs.  The two begin working on the problem but…things get worse. The Doctor’s mobile emitter begins to be affected by the radiation as well.  Having to lock himself in sickbay, Seven promises to keep the ship running although she will be by herself most of the time.

Before long Seven finds herself continually fixing the ship as they travel through the nebula.  Showing signs of isolation experiencing hallucinations of some of the crew members getting out of their chambers.  Soon, however the ship detects an incoming vessel and she ic contacted by Trajis Lo Tarik who needs parts himself.  Working out an exchange for liquid helium, Seven meets him in the cargo bay to finalize the trade.  The trade goes well until he begins to act strangely, inquiring about the Borg after claiming he has never heard about them.  She soon asks him to leave but, as soon as she takes her eyes off of him he vanishes, seeming to have fled into the ship for some unknown reason.

one 4

Informing the Doctor about the intruder, the Doctor informs her that he can not detect anyone else on board.  Believing this to be caused by the radiation, she has to track Trajis down on her own. Tracking hims down Trajis threatens her and the crew and, after having several more hallucinations, she discovers that Trajis himself is in fact a hallucination as well.  Unfortunately the radiation has done enough damage to the system that the Doctor is forced to turn himself off in order to save his program sparking Seven to reveal that she is concerned that she will not be able to survive alone.

one 7

In her isolation, Seven begins to have more hallucinations including witnessing the crew die, a Borg attack and even the return of Trajis. Just when it seems that everything is lost moments before the ship clears the nebula, Seven awakes in the sick bay.  Janeway, Chakotay and the Doctor thank Seven for her efforts in getting them all through the nebula but the nearly lost her when the life support went offline.  The Doctor found her moments after the ship cleared the nebula and he was able to revive her.

Later, in the mess hall, Seven joins her fellow crew members finally putting her new social skills to good use.

Is this a ‘Good’ Episode:

one 3

I love Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine, so…don’t get me wrong when I say this but I really don’t care for this episode.  I understand the desire to give Seven a story of her own but this one just felt…forced.  Yes, Jeri Ryan did a tremendous job in her role and really carried the episode through but seriously, how stupid of a crew do we have that they just charge into nebula’s without even considering the possibility of a threat?  I mean, really.  This is not the first time we have seen Janeway and her crew charge into a nebula with devastating results.  Remember the nebula that turned out to be an alien or the the one that essentially killed Neelix, or how about space vampire energy beings who almost killed Chakotay, I mean, heck Voyager got into this mess by following Chakotay into the badlands which is essentially a nebula in and of itself.  It seems Voyager has a thing about Nebula whether there is coffee in them or not and it is not a good relationship.

To be frank, the fact that much of the crew were hurt and even one died when they starting into this nebula is a sign that they really failed big time.  You would think that before any ship goes into a nebula, especially in previously unexplored space, they would check to be sure it was safe to enter…but they didn’t. Go figure.

one 5

Outside of that rather massive complaint, Jeri Ryan did a fantastic job in this episode.  She is a terrific actor and, while it is clear the writers are trying to force her into a lead role this time around, she owns it through and through. She and Robert Picardo have a great antagonistic chemistry that I really enjoy in the course of this show with The Doctor continually trying to help socialize the former drone.  Seven certainly comes a long way in this series and, if anything, this episode really serves as a start to that journey.  It is really a blast to see Seven at this point in her development knowing where she ends up in this series and beyond in Star Trek Picard.  I am really looking forward to more of her development as Picard continues on.

Overall, this is one of the weaker episodes this season but honestly, it serves as a good start for Seven’s journey toward humanity.  I also find it very interesting that they can replicate hundreds of stasis chambers so soon after having a significant power issue in the last episode….yeah about that.  They never did get that Deuterium did they….hmmmmm.

Gleanings and Cool Bits:

one 6

  • 0 photon torpedoes fired, 19 remaining.
  • 0 shuttlecraft lost or destroyed, -1 remaining
  • We never learn if Seven actually met another alien and got supplies or he was all part of her hallucination.  I mean, if she needed liquid helium and got some only to hallucinate the guy later I guess that would make sense.
  • We learn that Tom Paris has a phobia of enclosed places.
  • We also learn that Seven dreams and it’s about snow…and being in the arctic or some such.
  • That’s really it.  I mean….like I said not much of an episode story wise.


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Late To The Game  10/30/2020

one 9
One is the loneliest number…

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