This episode returns it’s focus Michael Burnham and on her determination to not only help her chosen family members (even the new ones), but also the fact that she is used to being able to do anything she wants regardless of Star Fleet command.  I mean, Discovery was essentially a free agent when Lorca was in command and had cart blanche when Pike was, so really I can’t blame her.  So, when Burnham’s good friend Book is captured, she, of course, goes awol much to Saru and Star Fleet’s frustration.  What follows is a rescue mission where Burnham learns more about Georgiou as well as some significant history that could reveal more about the Burn. What follows is a rescue attempt that gets pretty serious while the Discovery crew acclimate to their new upgraded ship tech and their new command.

So far this season it has been clear that Burnham and her acclimation to the nuFederation was not going well.  Now that Discovery (which has been upgraded to a NCC-1031-A) has returned to it’s ‘Home’ the rift between Saru and Burnham is growing again and it does not look like it will be as easily healed as it was before. Saru is very much a ‘Star Fleet’ man while Burnham has seen the dark side of the Fleet and feels responsible for fixing it no matter the cost.  The thing is, the nuFederation doesn’t seem all that interested in being fixed despite the fact that they are barely holding on to their existence.

Is it a ‘Good’ Episode? (spoilers abound)

Unlike last weeks entry, this episode was a very strong episode that not only moved the plot forward but opened the doors for more mysteries and more character development.  While most of the story dealt with Burnham and her rescue operation, this was merely the backdrop for the overarching tale.  You see, Burnham’s rash decision to disobey orders and head out with Philippa was not just to save Book but, also to give Burnham the freedom necessary to keep doing just this sort of thing.  You see, with Burnham as  the First Officer under Saru, she is bound to the ship even more so than anyone other than Saru himself.  If you remember every other series, officers on starships seem to regularly run off on personal missions, however it was rarely the first officer that did these.  Most of the time it was people like Science Officer Jadzia Dax on DS9 or Security Chief Worf on TNG, but rarely did Riker or Chakotay literally run off on their own, and if they did, you can bet there would be hell to pay.  So for Burnham to just up and leave like this, there was no doubt that her time as Number One was not long.  However, this is not necessarily a bad thing.  You see, now she can leave and do as she pleases without completely jeopardizing the ship and even if Saru is not thrilled with the prospect, he did this because he knows that Burnham isn’t the ‘Star Fleet’ person she once was.  In fact, she spent a whole year essentially on her own looking for answers, and if he has learned anything, Burnham is not one to stop until she gets them. 

Outside of that main story, there are some fun interactions and interesting developments that occur of which I hope we get answers of closure for.  The biggest one is that of Philippa Georgiou and her flashbacks.  Since visiting with Admiral Cronenberg (or whatever his name is), the former mirror universe Empress has been having some issues of her own.  This comes to a head this time when her flashback to a death of someone close nearly causes her to lose Burnham to an Orion pirate.  Georgiou is uncertain as to what is happening but she mentions Mirror Burnham and that M-Burnham’s fate was not a pleasant one.  What if…Mirror Georgiou and Mirror Burnham were closer than we believed, what if they were lovers…or even married and Mirror Georgiou had to kill Mirror Burnham? This is clearly speculation but that would explain why this flash back is having such a devastating effect on her.  Could the fact that she is now so far from her universe that she is becoming more like the ‘normal’ Georgiou that we believed possible and these memories are invading her conscience?  Could Admiral Cronenberg (the glasses guy) have done something to her?  I don’t know but it is rather convenient that this all started AFTER their conversation…

I’m sorry but Gray’s smile is infectious as hell.

Another aspect of the episode, although brief is the growing relationship between Stamets and Adira.  I already love Adira and their fresh and wonderous attitude.  Adira wants to belong to something greater than themselves while also looking for companionship.  Stamets needs to take care of someone outside of himself and his husband, so Adira is the perfect vessel for Stamets tutelage.  I am so excited to see where this mentor/mentee Father/child relationship goes.  Heck, I would LOVE for Stamets and Culper to adopt Adira as their own.  Plus Adira and their relationship with their boyfriend Gray is both strange (they are a TRILL!) and cool all at once.

Overall, incredible episode that is taking us deeper into the new unknown universe that is Star Trek.  I am more than excited for next week’s episode! I mean, with a title like that and a certain teaser image below…could the Vulcans and the Romulan remnant finally be unified as one? Will they believe Burnham is the sister of the Unifier himself, Spock? Well…we will have to wait and see!

Gleanings, Questions and cool bits: (some spoilers here)

  • The New badges serve as Multipurpose tools!- tricorder, transporter, pad, etc
  • Discovery not only got a new registry letter but has detached nacelles and enhanced programable matter on the ship!
  • Tilly and Grudge. BFFs all the way!
  • You know the Orions are not going to take the destruction of their facilities lightly!
  • If you listen closely, we hear about Self Sealing Stem Bolts and Plasma Coils! 
  • …and the Andorian that befriended Book…man I hope we see more of him!

Until next week when we get a spiritual successor to the Unification two parter entitled Unification III. Check out the sneak peek below!

Thanks for reading the SciFi TV Review,  I look forward to discussing the rest of the series with you! Some teasers of next weeks episode below!

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Late To The Game 10/15/2020

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  1. I completely agree. This was a very strong episode, and much better than the one of last week😊 So many cool things and story elements. I like your hypothesis for Philippa and Michael, and who knows it might even be true. Their bond so far has been a strange one, so it could definitely be something along those lines. The new retrofitted Discovery looks very cool by the way! Let’s see what next week is going to bring, but like you I’m very excited for it!😀😀

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