It was sometime in 2012 that I first saw Ben Kweller live. At the time I hadn’t really heard much of his work save for a few of his tracks with The Bens (consisting of Ben Folds, Ben Kweller and Ben Lee) and so when I was invited by friends to see him live, I figured it was worth a shot. I am thankful that I did. Not only was I introduced to Ben Kweller in a more substantial way, I also discovered the band The Murdocks who opened for him. So, win win.

Why This Album?

ben kweller cover

After watching Kweller live, I knew that this was a performer I needed to hear more of so, I dove in as I usually do when I find a band I like. The album that really stood out immediately was his 2006 self titled release. When a performer releases a solo album, usually that is in name only and there is a studio band behind them, however this one is very different. This time, Ben took the time to record each and every instrument himself creating something truly solo and personal.

Each track is like a moment in Ben’s life, telling tales about finding a love, about looking for love, about life in general. It is a deeply introspective album that has a clean and crisp sound with Ben’s youthful yet soulful voice dominating each track. As I mentioned earlier, Ben plays each and every instrument on the album from piano to guitar to drums and manages to sound like a fully produced band all on his own.

It is a touching album with a song for just about any occasion, one that I like to listen to on both good days and bad, happy times and sad. It is the perfect soundtrack for someone starting out in life and for someone who has experienced much of what the world has to offer. Simply put, it has something for everyone.

Favorite Tracks

My absolute favorite is Penny on the Train Track. There is something upbeat and magical about this one that I find a joy to listen to each time.

Magic has a Paul McCartney vibe to it that honestly could have fit on the ex-beatles early works easily.

The second track on the album, Nothing Happening is one that evokes the pain of loneliness coupled with those quiet solitary days alone while you think about your life. It is a great track and one that I find oddly comforting in a way. All I could find was this fan video so bare with me…

Ok, Where do I get it?

You can pick this one up here for around $14 and I think you should, it’s a solid album. or there is always Spotify…

Either way, give Ben a try, I think you’ll find his music as enjoyable as I do. You should also check out his web site.

Late to the Game 12/1/2020 (Originally Published 8/27/2019)

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