This week is all about the action when Book asks for help in protecting his home planet from the Emerald Chain.  Plus we get further into mystery of what is affecting Georgiou while also adding on to the relationship between Stamets and Adira, we learn the originating point of the Burn, oh and Detmer finally gets her chance to shine again. So let’s Dig in shall we?

Is it a ‘Good’ Episode? minor spoilers here.

So it seems that Book’s ‘brother’ has made a deal with the Emerald Chain to help get rid of Sea Locusts and Book has to return to help them prevent the locusts from destroying his people’s food source.  Of  course, Osyrra of the Emerald Chain arrives to get revenge for Burnham’s clandestine mission and things go south.  In this segment we get a chance to get to know Book and his people a little more establishing that he left home because his adopted Brother made a deal with the Emerald Chain.  The key to this segment is that we learn Osyrra wants the Andorian Ryn because he knows a secret, The Emerald Chain is nearly out of dilithium… 

Outside of the main story, we get bits of revelation to what is happening to Georgiou and also some pretty solid character development for Adira but how does this episode shake out? 

Frankly, this is one of the most dense and action packed episodes so far with a planetary attack, a classic space battle and even some hand to hand combat on the planet.  Besides all the action, this episode really manages to push several story arc’s forward.  In a way, it is almost too densely packed with key character moments to actually allow viewer time to focus on any one thing, requiring multiple viewings to catch everything, but that isn’t a bad thing.  Don’t get me wrong, with Jonathan Frakes at the helm for this episode, it worked brilliantly, but man this was the most dense episode to date.  Then there was the ending and it’s rather convenient solution to the main plot problem using Discovery to boost a psychic signal or somesuch.  Sure, fine, It’s scifi.   

Overall, This episode really showed just how strong this series can be, it was solid in every way yes, even the deus ex moment at the end.   I mean, what Star Trek doesn’t have a bit of deus ex in the mix, so I can forgive them that… We will go into more details about the details below in the gleanings section so if you want some serious spoilers, check that part out, otherwise, well, you are dismissed.

Gleanings, Questions and cool bits: (spoilers here)

  • Saru’s attempts to find a ‘catch phrase’.
    • Throughout the episode Saru is trying to find his voice, literally.  It is served up for levity and it works, Saru attempting to find his own ‘engage’ is pretty great showing us that gaining the rank of Captain doesn’t just imbibe you with a witty action command.
  •  Detmer get’s her groove back.
    • Detmer has had some significant issues this season causing her to doubt her abilities and begin suffering from a bit of PTSD.  She really steps out this time around taking command of Books ship and really showing what she is made of.  Detmer is a bad ass and it is good to see her get her confidence back.
  • The Burn
    • We get a little more about the main overarching story this episode as they finally identify the area of space where the Burn started.  Not only that but they find a signal in the form of a song that keeps coming back.  Talk about a terrible ear worm…  Only that song…it seems has been hiding a distress signal that is buried deep in the nebula where the Burn originated.  Someone is lost and Discovery must go find out who… My bet, this has something to do with the Mirror Universe…
  • Speaking of the Mirror Universe
    • Something is really wrong with Georgiou and it appears that she might be dying.  Earlier in the season it was noted that the two universes had ‘drifted apart’ but could there be more to the story?  What if the Burn was cause when Starfleet or someone else tried to sever the link between the Prime Universe and the Mirror One?  Now, any Mirror Universe people are rejected by the Prime Universe causing them to disintegrate over time.  I have a feeling that the distress call I mentioned above will end up being from an Imperial ship and not a Federation one.
  • A sense of self
    • There is a really tender and cool moment between Stamets and Adira where Adira tells Stamets that their preferred pronoun is They or Them.  Now, I know a lot of people are going to get upset about this and yes, I know, we are in the future why should it matter?, but, it really does.  This is a key part of Adira’s personality not just from their personal identification but also of who they are now.  Adira admits that they have never felt like a ‘she’ but has only ever told Gray.  Telling Stamets this is a moment of trust and Stamet’s acceptance is a pretty big thing.   The future/past Stamets came from has no problem with personal identification, race, sex, etc, but this little interlude has bigger ramification as it indicates that Earth might have fallen back on some rather archaic ways. The fact that Adira was uncomfortable telling anyone other than their boyfriend shows that things might not be so utopic on Earth as they once were… Oh and Gray isn’t speaking to them anymore but, honestly, I think that is just Adira acclimating to what it is to be a Trill.
  • With the Emerald Chain almost out of dilithium,  what do you want to bet that they will try to capture Discovery at some point. I mean, telegraphing much? 
  • Oh, and did you recognize Osyrra?  Yeah, that is Janet Kidder…niece to none other than Margo Kidder of Superman fame.  The family resemblance is strong!
  • As usual, sneak peeks at next week below.  Until then…

Thanks for reading the SciFi TV Review,  I look forward to discussing the rest of the series with you! Some teasers of next weeks episode below!

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Late To The Game 10/15/2020

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