I hated this band when they first came on the scene.  No rational reason other than I had hit the latter teen apathy toward new music and this band represented everything I had lost now that Grunge was long dead.  To me, they were just another pretty boy poser band who would put a single album out and then disappear.  Little did I know, I would later consider them to be one of my favorites of the latter 90’s.

Why This Album?

eve6 cover 1

It was probably around the turn of the century (19-20 not the other one) that I  heard a song on the radio called ‘Here’s to the night’.  Thinking they sounded familiar I tracked them down only to be stunned that the band that I had rejected a few years earlier had actually developed into quite the talented unit.  Reluctantly I went back to their debut album and took a dive in only to realize, I had been a total asshat in my initial judgement of this band.

Immediately I was taken aback by how well produced and balanced their first album really was.  This was not the vanity project I had believed it to be when it first came out but a genuinely solid piece that really worked. There was not a bad track among the 11 presented on the album and each track was perfectly balanced in their lineup like the perfect mix tape of old.  From intense songs about jealousy to songs about growing up in a small town this album really was a damn good one and I felt silly for missing out on it in the first place.

The album itself is just a great example of late 90’s rock.  It is full of great simple cords and relative lyrics all powered with a steady drum beat and it is in this simplicity that it is one of those albums that is just as good today as it was when it came out. All that and, Interestingly enough, there name came from one of my favorite tv series, The X-files. 

Favorite Tracks

Open Road Song.  There is something really powerful about this song and it has become a staple on every road trip.

Jesus Nitelite:  This one is a more solemn track but man is it a good one.

Tongue Tied:  Not sure why  but this one is a favorite.  Classic 90’s feel through and through.

Ok, Where do I get it?

This one is still available and you can pick up a copy for around $15,  or Spotify.   If you can track one down I recommend the Japanese release as it contains two acoustic tracks that are really great.

Late to the Game 12/22/2020 (originally published 12/3/2019)

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