The Episode:

Captain’s Log Stardate 53167.9 Dragon’s Teeth

While on the run from attackers, Voyager discovers an ancient race of people who may have a solution for their problems.

The Story:

After witnessing the destruction of an alien city with members of their race rushing to stasis pods, we jump ahead nearly 900 years to find Voyager being pulled into a subspace corridor that is filled with debris.  Soon they are contacted by ships who assists them in getting out only to discover that they have traveled nearly 200 light years on only a matter of minutes.  Janeway contacts the ship and asks for information about the corridor from one of the Turei ship that helped them only to be informed that Voyager is to be boarded in order to erase their knowledge of the corridor. The Turei attack when Janeway refuses to comply.

Out numbered, Janeway orders Voyager to retreat and soon they find a planet who’s atmospheric radiation will shield them from their attackers sensors.  Before long they find that the planet was once home to an alien race but has been suffering a nuclear winter from an event that occurred some 900 years prior.  Landing in a nearby city they begin repairs.  After detecting faint lifeforms below ground, Janeway and a team beam in discovering a shielded room filled with stasis pods.  Seven activates one without consulting Janeway and revives a man who is shocked that he has been in stasis for nearly a millennia and that his wife did not survive.

On Voyager, the man identifies himself as Gedrin of the Vaadwaur and indicates that there are thousands more in stasis who, it seems, would be ready to take back the space they had lost over the centuries.  Gedrin recognizes Neelix as a descendent of the Talax-itzay and Neelix notes that the term Vaadwaur is now synonymous with ‘foolish’ in his native language. 

Soon the Turei begin their attack and, after Voyager is able to disable the attacker, Janeway makes a deal with the Vaadwaur to help them escape their imprisonment so that Voyager can use the subspace corridors to get home.

 The deal goes well for a time with Voyager and the Vaadwaur working closely and Neelix doing further research into his folklore about these people.  When the Turei attack again, Janeway refuses to outfit the Vaadwaur with Photo Torpedos (because Voyager doesn’t have any*!!!) and soon the Vaadwaur begin planning to attack Voyager in order to capture the ship for their own.

As Seven shows Gedrin some optional planets for his people to settle on, she is summoned by Neelix who has found some interesting information.  Apparently the Vaadwaur were known to appear out of nowhere only to destroy everything around them. Seven begins to research more bringing their findings to the Captain.  Janeway soon confronts Gedrin with her new knowledge prompting him to admit that the Vaadwaur did indeed use the subspace corridors to take over territories in space but they have learned from their mistakes. Although Gedrin claims that they are on a more righteous path, this is soon proven false as the Vaadwaur begin to attack Voyager. 

Knowing that the enemy of the enemy could be a potential ally, Janeway contacts the Turei and informs them of the presence of the Vaadwaur.  The two factions begin fighting one another eventually giving Voyager a chance to escape after taking a severe beating.   Voyager leaves as Seven laments that she and the crew have inadvertently reignited an interstellar war. 

Is this a ‘Good’ Episode:

I would love to say that this was a tremendous setup for an excellent new villain for the Voyager crew to face in the final two seasons, leading to stories that rivaled anything DS9 did with the dominion, but I would be lying.  Although the Vaadwaur are indeed seen again after this, the setup in this episode is vastly ignored making this rather interesting story a complete and total…say it with me…MISSED OPPORTUNITY.  

I mean, seriously.  Why the heck would you spend time creating an all new species with a significant backstory and even a perfectly setup grudge against Voyager and the crew only to toss all of that out like it never happened.  In fact, not even these incredible new subspace corridors are revisited making nothing in this episode mean anything, in the least, basically making Dragon’s Teeth an episode without any bite.

Honestly, I wish I could say that the episode itself was good enough to stand alone, despite having no real ramifications to Voyager or her crew but even there, I can’t say that it is.  This episode is full of strange choices and odd revelations that just don’t make any sense.  For one, Neelix somehow has the full linguistic database with him which happens to have folklore about the Vaadwaur. I mean, I guess a seafaring Talaxian would want to take some entertainment with him but this felt rather convenient.   Not only that but Janeway agreeing to assist the Vaadwaur for the benefit of Voyager is absurd.  This is not only a clear violation of the Prime Directive, she should have just rendered aid and left, but is essentially a court-martial-able offence.  Through Janeway’s command, she not only is responsible for allowing a violent race to be let loose upon the quadrant but is also responsible for reigniting an interstellar war which will surely result in innumerable deaths.  Sure, Seven is the one who freed Gedrin in the first place but even Janeway admits that she probably would have done the same. Besides, she could have refused to assist the rest of the Vaadwaur but no, she made a deal because Voyager must get home at all costs….sounds like something Captain Ransom would have done…

Overall, this is not a badly produced or acted episode, it’s just one that feels out of place in every way, feeling more like an alternate universe version of Voyager than the real one.  Filled with rash decisions and empty threats, Dragon’s Teeth is a grandiose disappointment filled with potential that unfortunately never pays off.

Gleanings and Cool Bits:

  • *1 photon torpedoes fired, -15 remaining.
  • 0 shuttlecraft lost or destroyed, -4 remaining
  • The Borg are at least 900 years old as Gedrin notes that they only controlled a few sectors of space when the Vaadwaur were put into stasis.
  • Somehow the Vaadwaur are aware of Neelix’s people even though Neelix’s people are from quite a long ways away.  This indicates that either the Vaadwaur travelled all the way to Talaxian space at some point or the Talaxians settled Talax after fleeing the Vaadwaur and it’s warring ways.  Seeing that the term Vaadwaur means Foolish in old Talaxian, the latter seems likely.
  • Apparently the Vaadwaur children are jerks as Naomi Wildman did not get along with them.
  • There is a mention that Janeway wishes she had a Betazoid aboard the ship, she does, she just forgot that she did…

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