Vulcans, marriage and frozen hellscapes,  originally broadcast on November 7, 2001  this is Breaking the Ice.

The Episode:

Captain’s Log date Unknown

After discovering a comet which contains a rare element, A vulcan ship appears and requests that they be allowed observe Enterprise.  Soon Tucker discovers that T’pol has been communicating with the Vulcan ship behind his back, only to find that she is considering returning home to participate in her arrange marriage. After entertaining their Vulcan guests, T’pol discusses her potential marriage with Trip who advises her to find her own path and break free from the arrange marriage.  Reed and Mayweather head to the comet and begin exploring, but run into trouble and ultimately need the Vulcan’s help to rescue their shuttle using a tractor beam.   Archer is reluctant to accept their help but does so at T’Pol’s behest.  In the end the Vulcan’s are too prideful to accept any of the data Enterprise collected and T’pol decides to forego the arranged marriage remaining on Enterprise 

Is this a ‘Good’ Episode:

Here we are seven episodes in and this series seems to just want to play it safe.  Not that this is a bad thing necessarily, but you would thing the writers of this series would have a lot more going on considering the pilot and the previous episode introducing the Andorians.  Instead we get a ‘lets explore a comet’ episode that is coupled with a ‘cultural misunderstandings 101’ trope.  I mean, it’s not bad but it plays everything so close to the book it’s almost vanilla making it nothing more that a filler episode at best. 

The only thing that makes this episode really stand out is the fact that it introduces the hint of a relationship between T’pol and Trip Tucker.  While they are not the most  likely of couples it is a fun relationship to follow through the series. Plus, Trip admitting that he read her mail without her permission really shows just how good of a person he is. 

One thing I really didn’t like is that Archer is quick to assume T’pol is spying on Enterprise on behest of the Vulcans. While they really don’t know one another well, I would think that Archer would make it a point to ask her about her mysterious transmissions instead of assuming the worst.  Not a very good way to develop trust, Captain.  I mean, he does feel bad but still, kind of a jerky thing to do.

Overall, this isn’t a bad episode but outside of the burgeoning relationship between T’pol and Tucker, it really has little to give.  Honestly, you could probably skip it without missing much. 

Gleanings and Cool Bits:

  • Mayweather and Reed build a snowman.
  • Vulcans continue to show their rather ‘jerky’ nature with the appearance of Captain Vanik who really seems to have no interest in…well…anything.

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Late To The Game 5/10/2021

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