Getting closer to the end…originally broadcast on May 19,2004 this is Countdown.

The Episode:

Captain’s Starlog date February 13, 2154

With Hoshi captured and the Xindi Weapon hurdling to Earth,  Archer and the crew of Enterprise rush to find a way to stop the weapon from destroying their home planet.  Archer tries to convince the Aquatics to help them and, after numerous attempts manages to get through to them.  Hoshi if forced to use her linguistic ability to help Reptilian Dolin activate the super weapon and , when it seems Enterprise will succeed in their mission, the Sphere Builders intervene causing more trouble with the Spheres. 

The Insectoids begin questioning the integrity of the Sphere Builders but Dolin is determined to destroy Earth so he takes out the Insectoids for questioning him.  Enterprise catches up to Dolin’s ship where  Reed and the MACO’s manage to rescue Hoshi. During the rescue, MACO commander Major Hayes is killed but gives Reed instructions for his team before dying. In the end, Archer boards Degra’s ship along with Reed, a severely injured Hoshi and a team of MACO’s with the intention to finally destroy the super weapon. 

Is this a ‘Good’ Episode:

So…it’s pretty clear that the Sphere-Builders are the big bads in this season even though they weren’t really introduced until late in the season.  That being said, they don’t seem all that much of a threat outside of getting other people to do their dirty work for them.  Even then, they aren’t all that effective in their execution opting to only appear in holographic form and to ’cause disruptions’ when they feel it necessary.  They problem is, who the hell are these Sphere-Builders and why do they want humanity to die in the first place? Yeah yeah, I know they fear humanity will kill them at some point but the details are as muddy as the water the Aquatic Xindi swim in. 

Therein lies the problem with these final episodes. After an entire season of Enterprise trying to stop the Xindi Weapon from destroying Earth we only discover that, well, it’s not the Xindi but someone else entirely. To me, this season didn’t really feel like it was well planned in any way form or fashion.  I swear, the team was just winging it and at the very end figured they would just makeup a new species who, spoilers, we never see again after the finale. 

There are a few highlights in this one but none that really involve the overarching plot.  Things like Reed finally making amends with Major Hayes, albeit just before his death and T’Pol considering actually joining Starfleet much to the excitement of Tripp.   However, even with these small, poignant moments, the episode just falls flat as a penultimate season episode.  Sure, we get the setup for a final battle scenario and the ‘Sphere-Builders’ kinda sorta get involved but, other that the obvious rescue attempt for Hoshi, nothing really all that important happens the entire time.

Overall, meh.  I’m just thankful there is only one episode remaining this season.

Gleanings and Cool Bits:

  • So the Aquatics learn to speak English conveniently just after Hoshi is kidnapped?  huh. ok
  • We see a little more of the T’Pol/Tripp relationship growth so there is that.
  • We get more use out of the transporter as Tripp uses it to mount the rescue of Hoshi with the MACO team. 
  • Oh and Hoshi had brain parasites in her head that made her do what the reptilians wanted her to do, but she’s ‘all better’ now because of Phlox’s Osmotic Eel! 

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Late To The Game 10/13/2021

‘These lights are too bright we should have never let Frank install those new bulbs’
‘Agreed, we should go back into the past and prevent Frank from ever being born’
‘ugh…yeah, that’s not exactly the solution I was thinking of but it is acceptable.’

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