Soong and The Augments launch their plan and threaten the galaxy with…WAR!  Originally broadcast on November 14, 2004  this is The Augments.

The Episode:

Captain’s Starlog date May 27, 2154

After saving Cold Station 12 at the very last moment, Archer and Enterprise head off to track down Soong and The Augments.  Meanwhile on the stolen Bird of Prey, Soong and Malik but heads when Soong learns that Malik tried to kill Archer.  Soong takes command of the ship and heads into Klingon space. When Soong takes the ship to hide in the Briar Patch, Malik references the ‘myth’ of the Botany Bay citing that Khan’s fatal mistake was running from Earth instead of destroying his enemies. Before long, while hiding in the Briar Patch, Their conflict gets worse when Malik finds Soong altering the DNA of the unborn Augments in order to ‘remover their violent and aggressive nature’.  Malik finds this horribly offensive but they are interrupted by the arrival of The Enterprise.  Soong’s ship manages to escape by using the captured Denobulan as bait and, when Soong learns that Malik stole some dangerous bioweapons, the scientist is shocked. Soong soon fails to dissuade Malik from using the bioweapons against a nearby Klingon colony in order to provoke a war between Starfleet and the Klingon Empire.  Malik and Persis stage a mutiny and confine Soong to his quarters but Persis secretly allows Soong to escape via an escape pod. Discovering her treachery, Malik kills Persis.

Enterprise finds Soong and he reveals what Malik is planning. Although they think it might be a trap, The Enterprise heads to the Klingon colony to warn them but is stopped by Captain Magh who believes Archer is the real aggressor.   After a short battle, Enterprise arrives just in time to destroy the bioweapon and save the colony and in the process destroys the ship with the Augments supposedly killing Malik in the attack. 

On the way back to Starfleet to take Soong back to custody, they are surprised when Malik arrives and tries to kill his ‘father’  Malik is then killed for real.   In the end, Soong decides that maybe genetic engineering isn’t where he needs to focus his efforts so he begins to work on artificial life instead.

Is this a ‘Good’ Episode:

Soooooo basically this three part story was just to give a connection to how the Soong family decided to make androids providing the ‘origins’ of Commander Data?  Seems a long way to get to the point really, I mean, not a bad episode but it really seems like they could have condensed this into a simple two parter and still got the same results.   

All that aside, this is actually a pretty fun follow-up, or really prequel, for the TOS episode Space Seed while also tying it into the eventual creation of the positronic brain.  I do find it interesting that, due to this episode, the man that tried to bring back Augments, that were banned by Earth, would be the ‘father’ of the positronic brain that would ultimately be…banned by Earth further down the line. The Soong’s just can’t catch a break can they?  

One thing that I noticed in this three parter is that Archer seems to be back to his pre season three self.  The vengful angry Archer is gone and, apparently all it took was a hike in the mountains with his ex.  I mean, if that was all it took for him to find balance then bravo man, but seriously, it’s rather shocking that he got better so very quickly.  I guess continuity isn’t all that important on this series after all…heh. 

Overall, as a stand alone episode, this is pretty solid one and, as the final part of a three part story, it wraps up the story very well.  Yeah, it seems a little silly that this could be seen as a way to provide a strange origin for Dr. Noonian Soong’s love for the positronic brain, but I have to say, it was great to see Brent Spiner in a role that started off in this story as quite nefarious only to show that the Soong’s aren’t bad, just…a little eccentric.  He never wanted to hurt anyone, just wanted to do some science for the sake of science.  I also think it’s great that this episode was directed by LeVar Burton which, in a way, brought Data and Geordi back together again.  

Gleanings and Cool Bits:

  • Trip and T’Pol are still having some issues with her ‘marriage’.
  • If you pay attention to Malik’s ‘final’ speech,  he is doing a pretty solid Khan impression….or, since this took place first…was Khan impersonating Malik?
  • Enterprise makes peace with the Klingons once again, well, not peace but keeps them from going to war with Humanity so…yeah, that happened.

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Late To The Game 10/27/2021

I was upset that you wanted to genetically remove our aggression but when you wanted to remove our mullets, well, we just couldn’t stand for that.

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