After seeing the Chief Engineer Newton off for a new assignment, The Orville encounters a strange Anomaly in space. Meanwhile it is discovered that Lt. Lamarr has been hiding something about himself.

Orville dim 2

We really get some serious development for Lt John LaMarr in this episode.  Although he has appeared to be a bit of a slacker the whole season, it turns out he is incredibly intelligent and, Commander Grayson suggests him for the replacement Chief Engineer.  LaMarr gets to prove himself when the Orville hits a ‘pothole’ in space causing damage aboard the ship.

This episode is an excellent example of how unique this series is. Everything about it from the character development to the well thought-out sci-fi coupled with the casual humor, all the pieces fit together perfectly giving us one of the best episodes this season.

We only have one more episode this season and then the wait until season 2 begins. I already can’t wait for more.

Late To The Game 12/2/17

Orville dim 3
Even with the great character development, the weirdness continues and that is good.



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