Revisiting some of my favorite bands from my past has become quite a journey so far.  From The Beatles to Nine Inch Nails, we have hit on quite a bit, so now we jump into a band that most people know for a single song, but really have SO MUCH MORE to offer.  The Band, Marcy Playground and today’s album Zog Bogbean, From the Marcy Playground.

Marcy Playground is best known for their first self-titled studio album  released in 1997.  This album contained a hit that most everyone has heard and probably think that this is all that Marcy Playground has ever done, they couldn’t be more wrong.  Not only did John Wozniak of Marcy Playground produce three additional albums to their 1997 debut, but also recorded a little known album entitled ‘From the Marcy Playground’ under the name Zog Bogbean.

(Originally Published 4/17/18)

Why This Album?

zog 1

I have been a fan of Marcy Playground from the first moment I heard their hit song, Sex and Candy.  Since then, I have followed the career of John Wozniak, Dylan Keefe and the rest of the band for over twenty years.   It wasn’t until their album MP3 in 2004 that I discovered this little Gem.

Before there was Marcy Playground, Wozniak and his girlfriend Sherry Frazer (recognize that name?) recorded an album in Wozniak’s bedroom studio entitled Zog Bogbean – From the Marcy Playground.   The album would form the blueprint of which John would form Marcy Playground many years later.   Some of the songs from this very album even made it into later Marcy albums in slightly different forms.

I love this one as it shows John Wozniak’s early talent and really give some insight into the band that would later forms.   John is clearly an artist and, for an album recorded at home, it sounds remarkably well produced and planned out.

 Favorite Tracks?

All of the songs on this album are fantastic but there are a couple that really stand out to me.

First off, I simply love the 6th track on this entitled The Ballad of Aslan.   It tells a fun story that uses some of the mythos from the Chronicles of Narnia but as a ballad.  It is fun, upbeat and just plain cool.

The other track that really hits me hard is The Tale of Captain McGuire.  I’m not sure why I love it so much but the song is just gorgeous.  Telling the tragic tale of a ship’s Captain who is in pursuit of pirates.

Ok, Where do I get it?

This album was only released in small batches and is quite rare to find these days.  Thankfully it was recently made available via Spotify so everyone can enjoy it.

If you like this one, you really should try out the 2009 album, Leaving Wonderland…In a Fit of Rage.  I was originally planning to write about this album but felt that Zog Bogbean deserved it a little more. I highly recommend Leaving Wonderland though as it marks what looks to be Wozniak’s final release.   I hope I am wrong but it sure doesn’t look I am.

Thanks for spending time with us today.   I hope you enjoy the album and come back for more.

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