So here I am, one of the lost generation. That small group that don’t belong to either X or Y or even the ‘Millenials’. You know that group that identifies with X but doesn’t quite fit? Yeah that’s me.

Well after nearly 40 years on this earth I’ve started a blog. Kinda late to the game huh? I mean who starts a blog these days? Lost middle-aged men with nothing but random thoughts to share, that’s who. The original gamer geeks who got the shit beat out of them in grade school for being too nerdy, that’s who. The guy who has watched every episode of Star Trek and stayed up late to read the Death of Superman, that’s who. The guys who found a career that allows them to still be a kid a heart by buying toys and playing games, that’s who.

This guy, that’s who.

So, what’s this blog about? Eh. Hell if I know. Video Gaming? Sure. Books? Sure. Comics? Sure. Collecting? Sure. TV shows? Yeah, why not. Movies? Okay. Board games? Cool. Sports? Oh hell no.

It’s about me and the random things I want to talk about. Here you will likely find bits about Zelda or Captain Archer (worst Trek btw). You’ll find ramblings and stories. You’ll find lyrics without music and unfinished thoughts.

You’ll find me. And maybe, just maybe, I’ll find me too.

– Late to the Game 8/7/17

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