“There’s always another way but in 1922 the coniving farmer in Wilfred James begged to differ.”

Stephen King is back in full force with quite a few movies and tv series being produced based on his work. It’s funny as 80’s nostalgia is in the air and, just like then, King is everywhere. Today we are discussing one of the many new films released, this one is the Netflix Original entitled 1922.

Todays Movie:

1922 1
Netflix Promo Image

1922 is a story based on the Stephen King Novella of the same name. The film is presented as a confession of how and why a farmer named Wilfred James (played by Thomas Jane) killed his wife (played by Molly Parker) with the help of his teenage son. It’s a story of greed, fear and the burden of guilt. Of course, this is a Stephen King story so you know things get interesting and creepy…

Why this movie?

I love King and most of his work is something to behold. This one, being a period piece, intrigued me and I’m glad I have it a chance. It also doesn’t hurt that I really dig Thomas Jane as an actor, and he is killer in this. (hehe)

One bit I love about King stories is that they are always a surprise. You never know what he will serve with the next one even if they are all in the same book. His stories range from outright horror to intriguing stories about the coming of age (see The Body). This one starts off as a murder intrigue story and then takes some interesting turns.

The eagle eyed viewer will catch a couple of cool references to other of his stories as well. One to keep an eye out for is Hemingford Home. If you know King, you know why this matters.

Is it any good?

Netflix has been pretty solid in their selection as of late. Their original films and tv series have been fairly decent and this one is no exception.

It’s a slow paced methodical film but everything in it is where it belongs. The cinematography is great with some very cool shots throughout. Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING has a reason for being in the film. Sometimes it’s not obvious but nothing is wasted.

1922 2

The cast is perfect, and Jane carries the story extremely well. In fact, there are moments I forgot he was the actor and only saw Wilfred James. Newcomer Dylan Schmid, who plays Wilfred’s son Henry is great as well. He really shows his potential as an actor and I look forward to seeing more of his work in the future.

At its core this is very much a rendition of the classic Poe story called A Tell Tale Heart which, honestly, is quite appropriate seeing that King is this generation’s Edgar Allen Poe. Like Poe, King’s tales can and will continue to haunt us for centuries to come well after his own demise. In this case, the beating heart is replaced by rats and they sure make themselves known.

And trust me, there is a nice creepy payoff at the end. It is well worth the price if entry.

The Trailer:

OK, where can I watch it?

This one is currently available only on Netflix and is well worth the watch. If you like horror and suspense or Murder and mystery this is one for you. I am sure at some point it will be released on disc but until then, there is only one place to watch this cool flick.

Honestly, this could have been Netflix first theatrical release and it would likely have done quite well. Writer/Director Zak Hilditch is one to watch. Here’s looking forward to more.

Thanks for reading, many more key movies to come. If you would like to read others in this series of posts please check out my previous entries with Fright Night (1985) and the King Classic Creepshow (1982).Ā  As always, please feel free to comment below and share your experiences with these movies as well. If you just happend by, tell me what you think!

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Late To The Game 11/4/17

1922 3
Thomas Jane kills in this one. (pun intended)

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2 thoughts on “New Movie Review: 1922 (2017 Netflix): A tale worthy of Poe.

  1. I love King as well and Thomas Jane definitely is a highly underrated actor in my opinion. This one I have yet to see. Overall the movie is gathering up pretty decent reviews. Glad you enjoyed the film, and I am sure I will watch this one at some point. Ps: that pun was great lol šŸ˜‚

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