Today is not going to be a list as that is too simple.  This is somewhat of a milestone for me.  What that 250 means is that, not only have I written 250 lists of things I am grateful for but I have been keeping up with this blog for 250 consecutive days. Seriously. 250 days without missing a single day posting something.  

For me, that is pretty awesome.  Lets break this down even further.

In 250 days I have:

  • written 175,321 words
  • gained 122 followers
  • have had 516 posts
  • had 1897 likes to those posts
  • am averaging over 1000 visits per month!
  •   (okay.  a little bit listy)

Those stats are nuts right?!  But that’s not what keeps me going.

I mean, who would think that anyone would be interested in what I had to say about anything?

You see, why this impresses me is that this blog started out as a cathartic thing.  It was something to help me with my anxiety and depression.  It started out as a simple list.  This one in fact Randomness #1   on 8/8/2017.  I honestly didn’t expect to keep this up for long but then something happened…I wrote an article about a band I loved (The Posies) and tagged them via twitter.

and they reposted it.

On twitter

and facebook

and people read my work.

and I was blown away.

Apparently, there are folks who like what I have to say even though I am mostly doing this for myself because I like to talk about things I enjoy. (Then I met the band at a concert and they told me they appreciated my article.  so double mind blown)

So, all of you. thank you for helping me get to 250.   This has been so much fun.  I think I’ll keep it up.

Late To The Game 4/18/2018


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