Home Ownership.  To many it is a sign of settling, of putting down roots, of staking a claim.   Most people end up in a good home, not a perfect one, but a good one.  Solid foundation, good roof, sturdy fence, however what if your dream home was really a nightmare.  That is what today’s movie is about.  Starring Tom Hanks and Shelly Long, this is The Money Pit.

Todays Key Movie:

money 1.jpg
A Little Old Lady selling a house…what could go wrong?

Walter Fielding (Hanks) and Anna Crowley (Long) are moving in together and want to buy a home, unfortunately they don’t have much of a budget. However, when an amazing offer falls into their laps, they find that sometimes offers this good are indeed too good to be true.  Directed by Richard Benjamin, this movie shows the pitfalls of owning a home that may be trying to kill you.

Why this movie?

Tom Hanks has been a favorite of mine forever.  From his days on Bosom Buddies to Big, I love them all.  Money Pit is one that, while not his best, it is still a fun movie that I have fond memories of. In my book, Hanks can really do no wrong and I am a fan for life.

How did this translate to real life?

money 2

I grew up in a house that could in itself be considered somewhat of a money pit, we had all sorts of fun issues in it growing up, nothing to this level, but still some interesting times for sure.  I guess, in a way, this is one of the reasons this movie still sticks with me is that, in some ways, I can share in the pain and find the humor in what the characters are going through.

money 3

While I have not bought a home yet, every time the thought crosses my mind, I see images of Tom Hanks falling through the ceiling and it gives me a second thought almost immediately.  That being said, we have run into some rather special rentals in our life and, while we haven’t fallen through any floors, we have had garage doors fall off, bug infestations, ceiling tiles caving in and even the occasional winter heater failure, but thankfully nothing to the level of this film.

Okay, you like this film, but is it really a ‘good film’?

money 4

It’s fun.  This isn’t one that should win any awards but Hanks and Winters pull it off despite their lack of on screen chemistry.  Honestly, in rewatching it, I realized even more that Shelly Long plays the same character in pretty much everything she is in.  From Cheers on she is pretty much always a version of Diane Chambers and that is a great shame because she does it so well.

The movie itself is a slapstick fun film that deals with the literal pitfalls of buying a house that is really too good to be true.  It has some of the best scenes in it and, if you turn your brain off for the hour and a half it runs, it is a goofy film that plays to its strengths but also gets bogged down by it’s multiple story arcs.

While I know I am not painting the best picture here, there are some really great moments on how the house attacks them.  Some of the events are like an evil Rube Goldberg machine like the events in the gif below.  Moments like this one is really what make this movie worth watching.

money gif 1.gif
Play the Pee Wee’s Big Adventure opening theme as you watch this.

Similar to the house they are dealing with, I like it still, despite its many flaws.

OK, where do I get this movie?

You can grab this one for around $10 here or even on the normal streaming services such as Vudu.   I wouldn’t pay more than ten dollars for it unless you already like it, but to me, it is totally worth the price.

As usual, here is the trailer:


Late To The Game: 5/24/18

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