Three episodes down and only one so-so entry, those are not bad stats considering the mess season one was.

The Episode:

After determining the location of Spock’s stolen shuttle, the Discovery heads off to rendezvous with Captain Pikes Science Officer.  However, their trip is cut short when the ship is pulled out of warp by a mysterious red orb which infects the ship with a strange virus.  Meanwhile, Tilly faces the very creature that was inhabiting her body while Saru faces his mortality.

Is it a ‘Good’ Episode?

Obol 1

Although the series has an overarching story, I am really enjoying the stand alone stories that the episodes (with one exception so far) touch on while moving the overarching plot forward. This particular entry once again really feels like the Star Trek we have known and loved for the past 50+ years.

Star Trek, at it’s core, has always been about exploration. Whether that exploration was of the human condition or of all new species, this is a franchise that time and again has given us hope for the future of all species.  In this episode we get that exploration on more than one venue, from a new species at the end of it’s journey, to a frightening new being that could pose a threat to the crew, to even a deeper understanding of Kelpian society.  It is through these explorations we and the various crew members find the connections with one another, passing on knowledge and experience through fascinating ways.   It is through this knowledge that everyone, from a single character to an entire species, grow and find that they are part of a much bigger universe than they ever believed possible.  Star Trek is about hope, about exploration, about finding things that help people better understand who they are, this episode nails that theme.

Obol 4

Saru gets a great spotlight in this one and Doug Jones really dominates the screen.  I really wish the last season had given Saru even half of the character development we have seen in the past four episodes.  Since the Short Treks story, I have found his character to be one of the most fascinating new species on the series and his unique nature is really explored and utilized in this one.  In this exploration, we finally get to see his character evolve into more than just ‘another alien’ and really develop into a full fledged character in the Star Trek Universe. With the great change in his story, I have a feeling we will see a vast character development for his character as the season progresses. I look forward to more.

Gleanings, Questions and cool bits: (slight spoilers here)

Obol 2

  • We actually get an explanation of why the holographic con systems were not regularly used.  Apparently the tech just wasn’t compatible.  okay, I’ll buy it.
  • I absolutely adore Jett Reno.  I really hope this character remains on the series, she is a great Engineer!
  • There is no cure for the common cold in the 23rd century, of course we knew that because that was also addressed on TNG.  Glad they didn’t retcon that!
  • We get a chance to see Pike use his own style of cowboy diplomacy.  This is a man that shoots first and asks questions later especially if it is what he believes is the only way to save his crew.
  • Obol 3
  • It is too cool that there is a Barzan on board the Discovery. First seen in the TNG episode The Price, the Barzans have been largely ignored since.  Great connection to the future series.
  • Seems that David Bowie is still popular in the 23rd century.  Maybe I am mistaken but I was under the impression that World War III was supposed to have destroyed much of that history. hmm, I guess 8 tracks do last forever…
  • It seems the use of the Spore Drive has been hurting an alien universe with each jump.  This time the Star Ship is the enemy.  Fascinating.
  • Tilly is pulled into another universe? Is this the real Mushroom Kingdom mycelial network?
  • We also get our first glimpse of Number One (the 1st officer of Pike’s Enterprise) last seen in The Cage.   I hope she comes back!!

Thanks for reading the SciFi TV Review,  I look forward to discussing the rest of the series with you! Some teaser images of next weeks episode below!  Till Next week!

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Late To The Game 2/7/2019

Obol 6
Spores, molds and fungi
Obol 7
Yeah, that does not look good.

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