The Search for Spock is over but the Search for Spock’s mind has just begin.  Wait a minute,  didn’t they already do this…

The Episode:

If memory serves. 1
Talosians and their mind games.

Spock and Burnham visit Talos IV, where the Talosians use their mental powers to help fix Spock while Burnham deals with her past demons. Stamets  and Hugh try to reconnect, Tyler tries to figure out his place on the ship and Pike deals with a demon of his own.

Is it a ‘Good’ Episode?

If memory serves. 10

The opening to this episode was nothing short of brilliant. Actually showing scenes from the Pilot of the original series, The Cage, the producers literally fill you in with just about everything you need to know in case you are a casual fan. This season has been a gift that keeps on giving.  I am completely impressed with how they have been handling the interesting story of Christopher Pike, a character who has honestly had very little character development outside of what we saw in the JJ Abrams movies, but that doesn’t really count as it takes place in a whole other universe.  Anson Mount is incredible in the role and, as I have said before, I really want a full Star Trek series featuring Pike’s five year mission aboard the Enterprise.

If memory serves. 3
Yeah, this relationship is having some issues.

The episode itself is about finding one’s self.  From Spock taking Burnham to the Talosians to help find himself, Pike learning to find himself after his experience on Talos IV, Tyler still struggling to find his place among other humans and finally Hugh Culber finding himself after returning to life after being stranded in the Mushroom Kingdom the mycelial network.  And while literally none of this is really given any solution, other than Spock in a way, you could certainly feel the drama with every second of the show.   I just hope that with everything they are setting up, there is some significant payoff at the end. That being said,  I really like the way Ethan Peck portray’s Spock in this series.  The guy has it down and he is quite impressive.


All in all, this was not a bad episode but it was one with more questions than answers and certainly not one without it’s problems (which we will address below).  Good for the first half with no payoff in the back nine.

If memory serves. 2
While the writers were good at adding details like the singing blue flowers they still seemed to miss a key moment.

Gleanings, Questions and cool bits: (slight spoilers here)

If memory serves. 11
Still, that face.  You just wanna give little Spock a hug.
  • So Spock was so sensitive as a kid that Burnham calling him a ‘weird little half-breed’ and storming off is what forced them apart and eventually drove him to choose logic over emotion?  Wow, Spock.  Even for you that is pretty lame. I mean, I get that he was a young and emotional kid but that is some seriously emo crap right there.
  • I’m sorry but the computer voice on the shuttle sounds way too much like a version of Microsoft Sam.
  • What is Tyler’s play here?  He seems to be both working for Section 31 and not working for them at the same time.  Did they find a way to make an agent out of Voq and NOT Tyler without the latter’s knowledge?  Sure seems like it.
  • The red angel is human according to Spock’s Mind Meld with it and has a vision of the future that practically destroyed Spock’s brain.   I am starting to believe that this will connect directly into the Picard series and this season will serve as somewhat of a lead in for the new show that is due to air later this year.   I don’t necessarily think that is a bad thing but they better do it in a way that doesn’t seem contrived.

If memory serves. 8

  • While it is a good moment one scene creates a serious continuity problem. Near the end of the episode Pike comments on a smile on Spock’s face as if it is a new thing to him saying ‘Is that a smile I see on your face?  The problem here is that in The Cage, Spock actually smiles and shows very clear emotions, pretty regularly right in front of Pike too.   So, even after showing a clip show of that very episode, why the heck would they make that mistake?  The better line in response to Spock’s smile would have been, ‘Nice to see you smile again.’ or something like that.
If memory serves. 9
wait,  that is JJ lens flare…is this the Kelvin Universe after all?!
  •  I love how they portrayed Pike and his clear love and longing for Vina in this episode, and the reverse as well. Something tells me that this will be a major point for Pike’s character and we will see more of it, especially if we get a full Pike’s Enterprise series.  Regardless, It really fits in with the latter episode, The Menagerie and that is pretty freakin’ cool.

Sneak peek at next weeks episode below.   Till next time!

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Late To The Game 3/7/2019

If memory serves. 7
ok, classic style starbase for Section 31
If memory serves. 6
oof,  now they have giant Predator glaives coming after them.
If memory serves. 5
And Airiam shows that she is really Nebula in disguise.  I new Marvel was involved somehow.

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